Should we choose our parents before birth?

Is it possible that with some divine design caused by our parents before our birth?

If you think about the effects of your parents … and your line … has who you've become, this is not only possible, but likely.

It makes one wonder: "What do I want if I had different parents?"

When I was young, a local shopman was fine to me. His shop was full of interesting scents, colorful bottles and exhibitions. But most of all, I was drawn to his former money. How often would I imagine that if this handsome man had been my father, I could work in this great store.

But the girl who worked in this store could not be, because father alignment would have changed. She was similar to me, in exercises that I inherited from my mother; a father's equality had totally changed.

Why do you choose your parents? What about your line?

Just think that if one ancestor had changed, it would have affected the behavior and personality of all of his descendants.

Would George Washington have led a nation to freedom and become his first president with different parents?

Would Alex Haley have written the worst "Roots" with different positions?

We are at the forefront where our parents came from; and our children are born from the front row.

What relationship could affect your child to choose you as his parent? After all, it's easy to sit back and tell our parents and say – this was a good feature, it was not an acceptable behavior – but self-examination from our child's perspective could give us a new insight into our own nature.

By looking at our line in this way, we shed a new light about what we are and where we came from. This inspiration can lead to enlightenment and promotion.


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