Spiritual anxiety – Analysis, motivation and future

It's a fun scene in the cartoon story Kung Fu Panda where Kung Fu Master Shifu tries to calm his spirit in the local temple by haltingly saying of "inner peace" mantrains … but obviously disturbed, distracted, and annoyed by regional forces .

I. Analysis of mental anxiety

Perhaps most of us are a bit like that. We know that we should have inner peace, but we are annoyed, excited and nervous. Our spirits are more like a storm and less like a gentle breeze.

What's happening inside us? Somehow, many human spirits know only emotions that have strictly chemical causes and effects. I'm anxious about my hormones and complex interactions between the brain and the body.

Of course, such chemical and physical events have occurred with corresponding emotions. The question will be whether more is happening.

Can I express my self-esteem, my will, ethical responsibility, creativity and feelings explained by chemical decisions? Am I just a complicated chemist? Or involves a web of causes and effects of a related, but partly transcendent factor – spark or vitality, soul or spirit?

We conclude that only chemical causes and effects can not explain human existence entirely, that it is transcendent in the network, what we can call the human spirit. And we absorb this spirit can both affect the body and affect it.

In short, it is a "spiritual anxiety" by using the feeling of "spirit" mentioned here, anxiety that at the same time seems to work at least as it can be seen in the body tense muscles, overgrowth, rapid heartbeat, indigestion, sweating and so on. And by acknowledging that the material and physical exercises that can affect mental anxiety are positive or negative, our interest at this time is limited to the question of how we can use our spirits to become less anxious.

II. Motivation and Spiritual Anxiety

One immediate challenge is our availability by wanting or wishing to quench your anxiety or anxiety. Yet there is a human will without affecting how we look. Our choices about what to think and say and to do is affect them. It seems to be a higher order of human spirit, which can affect our feelings.

The problem can come when we have a mental anxiety, it means when the human spirit itself is infected, if you want, with fear. I am not alone to reassess that the human spirit exists or may exist in another state regardless of the problems and the joy of human existence, though varied as the existence may be. At least not while the body lives.

I can then add two answers. One, in humans, can be seen to influence how we think and feel, and two, our spirits can be influenced by a higher spirit still, to be called God. It must not be where you would go, but I'm the explanation that seems to perceive the evidence.

This is not to say that chemical causes in our bodies can always reverse our spirits, although beliefs seem to have a greater impact on our health and well-being than we might think of to acknowledge. Nor does it mean that our spirits need the ability to reduce anxiety. Nevertheless, some people seem to have a mental anxiety and anxiety problem with no small degree because of unconventional decisions, attitudes and views – apparently in part because of their spirits. Motivation is the key.

III. Beyond Spiritual Anxiety

There seems to be an interaction between the angry spirit as a victim of the anxious causes and anxiety of the Spirit as a responsible ethical agent. My anxiety can affect the genetic predisposition and inert thyroid (or anything), but in the face of a federal violence or exposure to emotional shocks (possibly car crash deaths), his spirit can come across violence and evil to live in hope.

The question of the spiritual anxiety of the reader is then whether there is hope of peace or recovery. This assumes mental anxiety is totally negative – as it may be – but it may be worth considering silver feeds. For example, spiritual anxiety may encourage reforms, hinder pride and raise important questions about the priorities of life?

Be as if there is an answer to the hills that others are affected (why not you?) That "greater spirit" gives meaning and purpose even to anxiety and there are methods of dealing with and overcoming what can be tested. The question is then: "What are you going to do to be angry with your spirits?"


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