Stop smoking motivation – find the motivation you need to quit smoking

The best motivation to quit smoking was to read about the facts. 99% of those who want to quit smoking will want to do it because they know it's bad for them. Below you can see a list of how bad it is actually and how fast your body will start to repair after you quit smoking.

Lung Cancer
90% of all lung cancer victims are smokers. Almost everyone who receives a diagnosis of lung cancer quit smoking right away. Do not wait so long. If you quit smoking today, the risk of lung cancer will decrease during the day. After 10 years the risk has been half.

Live 10 years longer
Life smoke is on average 8-10 years shorter than smoke free. No matter how old you are, you'll have a lot of benefits from smoking. Risk of health will be significantly reduced.

No more cough
Sometimes smoking for a long time has a problem with prolonged cough. If you quit smoking today, it will take 3 to 12 months before the cough is completely gone.

When you smoke, you put carbon monoxide in your red blood cells. This means that approximately 15% of the blood's oxygen capacity is removed. If you quit smoking today your body will recover from 2 days.

3,500 Chemicals
A cigarette has 3,500 materials in it. This never hurts you through your body. If you quit smoking today, the body starts to do by itself. This means that you taste and smell will sharpen.

High blood pressure
High blood pressure is known as a silent murderer. It puts you at a much greater risk of heart attack and heart disease. Most middle-aged smokers have high blood pressure. A lot of people do not even know it. If you quit smoking today, your blood pressure will begin to go down without any intervention.

Visual Motivation
A quick search on Google Images for the keyword "smoking lungs" should give your motivation a little boost.

If this list does not encourage you to quit smoking, I do not know what. There are tons of smoking smoking products available. Unfortunately, most are not really so good.


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