Team – Five Common Obstacles for Successful Collaboration

Successful teams produce enhanced performance in all areas of business, sports, communities and volunteers to name a few. The teams often fail to realize their potential because obstacles prevent success. What are these obstacles and how do you access them?

Obstacle 1: Individual Program

People are used to search for themselves. We've all probably been told or heard that someone says you need to take care of the number one. In other words, focus on your attention on your agenda rather than the team program.

Solution: When you emphasize a unique contribution you make to the overall team, it is successful and the team's lead to the forefront.

Hindrun 2: Silence

In the organization, the results of results will be determined by all those who work together. Take for example a hospital. Someone has to do the initial appointment of the patient to see a doctor. If the doctor finds that a patient needs surgery, he must go to the waiting list, be aware of when the action will be, make the necessary preliminary tests. When they are taken, measures must be taken to bring them to the theater on time, plans made for their release, including home and media support.

Each of these projects will require contributions from different departments and it's all too easy, especially when people are busy and the right to fall into herring. In other words, look at the challenges of isolation without bearing in mind the effects of other parts of the process and most importantly the client (in this case the patient).

Solution: Make time for a team to understand the effects of their actions or omission on others and especially the customer.

Obstacle 3: Lack of Confidence

Most people need to be sure others will return to fully embrace teamwork. In other words, they need to have confidence. Building trust takes time, effort, commitment and faith. There is no magic formula but actions speak higher than words.

Solution: Submit and follow actions you have agreed to perform and show that you can be trusted to deliver.

Obstacle 4: Unclear What To Achieve

The team needs to know what they need to accomplish. In other words, they need special and measurable output. The teams are often formed with ambiguous goals like improving retention, reducing errors or reducing reporting to name just a few. These things are guaranteed a recipe for a dish called disappointment.

Solution: Adjust specific and measurable output for team to deal with, for example, to reduce the level of illness by 2% by 30 June.

Obstacle 5: Lack of conflict

In teams, especially in institutions that are well-liked, there is often a conflict. We are doing well, so we can rest on our laurels and not the rock the boat could be the motto. Conflict should not be regarded as something negative but constructive way to get the best results from everyone.

Solution: Encourage discussion and constructive challenge in order to achieve the best for everyone.

Successful items will make a real difference to the achievements achieved. What obstacles do you need to handle to get the best results from your team?


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