Team Leadership – Lead Your Team, Do not Control It

Team management in setting up tasks, prioritizing, monitoring progress, approving and setting performance actions is reliably simple.

If you do not agree – get help now!

Talk about True Value, Talk About Leadership, Development, Strength and Entertainment

Responsible for teams big or small is a serious business. Getting the best out of people takes creativity, guidance and perseverance. if our team members lose focus, do not reach the goals and goals of the group, we should be responsible for . What am I saying? You knew when you got to work. Did not you know?

Only you know your team (Or at least you should).

This article can not comment on a special team situation that you may have. However, it can focus on maximizing the benefits you receive each time you meet your team / group.

  • Team Briefing
  • Product Review
  • Customer Visits
  • Task Force
  • Task Force
  • Special Project Team
  • 19659009] Focus Group
  • I'm sure you can add more. However, you have guessed – any intended purpose, shared goals and desire to be successful by being part of your respective team.

    Some of the above examples can be very stimulating, rewarding and rewarding. They can also be time consuming and expensive. have you measured how much time you spend in group settings & # 39;? Have you ever calculated the costs for the company?

    Wasting time and resources is definitely one of my hate. Yet, I'm probably as guilty as the next person – lose focus, break out, be a reaction instead of pre-emptive – even just with a bad day .

    However, keep things in touch.

    As a group, be unilateral in achieving common goals with a common sense of purpose and direction, from a common perspective but not getting boring in that process.

  • For me, the key factor is good leadership with team members

  • Enjoy being part of your team
  • Have a strong desire to contribute
  • Their believable contribution is valued
  • Want to developing the team is not just itself
  • They acknowledge outside the team to succeed
  • Have fun
  • All this is not as exciting as it may seem.

    What are you doing in conjunction with leadership and maximizing the value and benefits you receive from the team environment, what positive things we can do as leaders?


    Publish a schedule or meeting in advance with enough time for team members (including yourself) to prepare for that group. Why not invite to participate in the program.

    If a meeting is a long time, break it into a manageable part, take a break. Be creative, have fun, do some exercises. I personally would not leave more than 50 minutes, an hour before you take a break.

    Get a quick 15-20 minute exercise on some meaningful and contextual content or theme. eg giving and receiving feedback, consideration, setting SMART goals. Strengthen team members by a) Get each team member to prepare and hand over the training and b) Have another team member facilitate the training.

    Certainly have a topic or theme on the agenda, but again, one that will increase the value and benefit of participants – for example, a technologist or a different functional / departmental manager to give a 15-20 minute presentation of what and why they do what they do (this may be as good as having a real breach).

    Before a formal meeting, get each team member to get rid of & # 39; – get rid of all the stuff in their heads that will prevent them from concentrating on projects. Caution team members need to feel safe and comfortable to do this. It must also be carefully led so that it does not get out of control. The most important thing is that it must be in accordance with the rules of the law that were put on the formation of the team.

    Develop people constantly – give others the opportunity to prepare and publish the agenda for the next group treatment, strengthen them to lead and facilitate the meeting and write follow-up follow-up then (apart from everything else it gives you rest!). Further development can be achieved by offering other team members the opportunity to provide constructive feedback – with the knowledge that they have the same opportunities for development and will also receive "constructive feedback."

    Have fun and celebrate. time, get the barbecue, get a picnic, give dinner when the team is late.

    Guide an example at all times . Show the team as your business, their business is serious with certain goals and expectations. But the best way to succeed is by focusing and developing teams that make it possible for others to succeed and have fun along the way.

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