The 4 Types of Motivation

Most people think about motivation as a singular concept with many that can form it. I am focused on having 4 different types and they include both consciousness and subconsciousness.

In order to understand how different types of motivation work, we need to review how two minds are conditioned. There is a fundamental difference between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind which forms the basis for 4 types of motivation.

Subconscious mind makes organizations based on constant patterns that seek link between causes and effects. One of the main things it looks like is the connection between events and emotions. Indeed, your subconscious is not only looking for connections to your feelings, but it also controls all your feelings.

It is true that we feel like we can create feelings from our conscious thinking. But what's really happening is that the actions of consciousness are giving instructions to the subconscious, which is what creates the feelings you and I feel. Therefore, emotions can be so difficult to control sometimes because the subconscious can make them all on their own.

If you still do not believe this idea? I want you to find a newborn baby. When we are born, our conscious mind is almost unpredictable, we primarily work on our subconscious mind. If you look for a newborn baby for more than 5 minutes, you must discover that they are very emotional. The reason is that the children use emotion to communicate because they lack consciousness for communication by using language.

I know you want to believe that you are conscious of controlling your feelings and for the most part you are. Look at it this way. If you have a remote control of a car and you were driving it around you would technically be in control of the action of cars still at the same time the car is doing all the work and really creating the operation. Your mind works the same way. Your consciousness generates all your feelings but you can guide them.

Not only does the subconscious create all emotions, it uses emotions as a guide to decision making, which is an important key to remember in terms of motivation. Our subconscious is driven by emotions, which means that one part of the motivation puzzle is emotionally generated.

Consciousness works with information in a very different way. It uses an analytical process to ask and answer questions based on logic. You can not always be aware that the questions are still asked but they are there. Logic is another key to understanding different types of motivation.

So, we now have two ideas that influence motivation (emotions and logic). There is a big difference between different types of motivation. So how do we get 4 different types?

Both emotions and logic have two different aspects for them, that's positive and negative. We have positive feelings that control one's actions and negative emotions that drive our actions differently. The same applies to logic; We have positive logic and negative logic.

All motivation comes from the reasons we have to do something. If you have no reason to do something, you will not. This is what creates 4 different types of motivations. [19659000] 4 Types of Motivation:

  1. Negative Motivational Reason
  2. Negative Motivational Reason
  3. Positive Logical Reason
  4. Positive Emotional Reason

Negative logical reason : I wanted to start with this because it's most useless (not a password). Yes, I said useless. Of the 4 types of motivation is this weakest. Indeed, in my training hours, I do not even bother trying to use this. That is, smokers say they will die of cancer, or overweight individuals they will die of a heart attack. This almost never works and here is the reason. Logic is consciously driven and consciousness is the goal of gaining pleasure and discovering new things. These types of things are just ignored by the conscious mind. The only way they always work is if they create another type of motivation.

Negative emotional reason : This is a powerful form of motivation because it tapes into what drives the subconscious mind. This is what happens when people get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Sometimes this condition is called a "hitting rock bottom" although it does not have to be so great to be successful. Your curiosity is to survive subconscious and it means to avoid pain. When you can create emotional pain, you will be subconscious to make a change. This is very useful to get you started.

There is one big drawback to this type of incentive. When you start taking action to change something in your life, you probably start to get some kind of outcome. When you get more results, the pain that created this incentive will be weaker and weaker until you feel that you do not have enough pain to keep going. The best way to move on is the third type of motivation.

Positive logical reason : Unlike negative logical reasons, this effect has a major impact on the conscious mind. The more positive reasons you can come up to keep you moving, the more likely you will succeed. Always be available with a list so you can view it at any time. This kind of motivation is great for keeping people going.

The problem with this type is that it lacks the ability to get people to start with a change. The reason is that it only understands the concept of consciousness and usually the subconscious is not on board with the change that allows you to start.

These are the people who will tell you Monday to start the gym, but when they arrive on monday they always have an excuse for why they could not. They will give you reason for the reason why they are going to really start this time and they believe for all reason but they never start. These people are not lazy, but they are just restored by the subconscious mind about fear of change. Now look at the final motivation.

Positive emotional reason : This type can be useful when you need to fill out the interests of your interests. Usually you will find this encouragement when people see a speaker or read a positive notebook. It can be very powerful but very short-lived. It's like driving a roller coaster where you go from very high to very low. Think of it like coffee because it's a bad idea to keep you going all the time but good for short bursts when needed.

Well there are 4 types of motivation. I hope you can use this information to start making the necessary changes to your life. Remember that the motivation is all about reasons.


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