The allure of perpetual happiness

What is happiness that has everyone willing to spend money on it, taking drugs to be alone or damaging stressful situations so easy to achieve? In fact, the best life experience to find the full range of emotions and happiness is just one of them. For example; How about sorrow, pain and love? Interestingly, some people make an antidepressant type of drugs like alcohol to find the other end of the spectrum, fascinating is not it?

But what is the perception of perpetual happiness, who has people chasing it down, stopping their money, jobs and living in there? Why even our foster father had mentioned it, would you like "right to pursue joy" provisions? Surely you are, see my place? So what's happiness, why do everyone want to be so happy and if it's to be permanent, as it's the goal?

Think about it sometime, even religion uses it to control their flock. After all, it's not the promise of heaven, eternal bliss? Sounds good, but the church knows people want it, longing for it and people through history have always bought it out. What would you do on Earth if you ever had everlasting happiness?

Why I bet you need a little noise and fury to go with your main course of happiness. After all, adversity-based character, so it makes a good side dish not? Well, I have to run, please check!


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