The essence of leaders

Many want the title of leaders but have little or no understanding of what this calls them to become. Leadership is not a poker game nor is there anything you can play with. Leadership forms the atmosphere and culture of the organization. Therefore, the poorer leaders, the less successful the organization will be. Good leaders understand their role and responsibility. They are sold out of the lead so that nothing else can take them of course. I have come to the conclusion that, although leader tours can be found by many, not all leaders are. Some who claim to be leaders overwhelmed themselves when they take the title because they can not even lead themselves. They have difficulties coming up with roadmaps for their own lives, let alone tens of hundreds of followers. The principle goes; that if you can not handle little things, you should avoid experimenting with a living body (leading people). We can tell your leadership, qualities and experience in how you lead your own wife and children. After all, they say a charity begins at home. Below is an overview of what leadership involves

A leader

L – Loves People (Finds and Raises People). Love is fundamental. Love will lead to love invisible, find their weaknesses and elevate them to a higher level.

E – Examples of people he / she leads (also encourages and changes and gives a description). Leader is a model for his followers. People do what they see the leader, not what they hear him / her say. A leader should encourage and identify followers to make larger and larger things. The leader should unveil his followers for new things, new standards, new business.

A – Approves people as they are (also consultants and managers). If you can not agree where people are, you will not be able to work with them, sharpen them to become better people. A leader is a consultant, someone who follows Admire. He should be able to control followers to know where they are alive and in their work.

D – Disciples the people he leads (also gives way and model decisions) – Followers are not always easy to handle. A leader sets wisdom and shows people how the organization is going. A leader is a visionary driver in which people look up to the leader to cast their eyesight and roll out.

E – sponsors subordinates (Also teaches and implements) – It is the role of leaders to ensure that the people he / she are leading grow in knowledge and responsibility. A leader should be able to teach and equip people to become good leaders too.

R – Connects to People Who Lead (Transforms Them, Rewarding Good Performance) – Good leaders relate to all who are led. You can not really lead people when you can not reach it. Leader who is Reachable makes so much more that he / she can solve people problems in a short time


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