The Four Seasons Leadership

Your leadership development will continually go through four stages of change, like the seasons of the year. This means that leadership development is circular in nature and requires upgrades from time to time. For example, how many of us have experienced "endless ways" when they lead others? No matter how we try to lead others nothing seems to work. It's like we've finished our old process of leading others and needing to reinvest our leadership to meet new challenges at the workplace. The reason for this leadership role is that you have completed the leadership process and a new way of thinking and conducting is now required. As a result, leaders, websites, celebrations and conferences draw thousands of hungry leaders in search of new ways to reinvest and manage their styles. Allow me to use the four seasonals to point me to:

Fall: This season represents the beginning of the leadership process. During this time, you start to notice the leadership idea you once took, suddenly becoming obsolete. Therefore, it is time to shed old through a process known as pruning. A good example of this season is found in John 15: 2, where Jesus says, "My father sprays every branch in me that has no fruit, but every branch of fruit grows so that it will still more fertility. "The method of pruning is often times painful because what we used to know and do is no longer needed in the next season in our lives. It's painful for us to let go of what we know, but encourage pruning to bring in new growth and fertility.

Winter: This season of your leadership ring represents a waste of time when nothing is growing. This feeling of nothing left you in a deep clue as you begin to reassess where you are, to rebuild your inner being. What you really do is redefine your new leaders. We might think that nothing is happening this season, but changes are pointing out what's going to point to the future; It only takes a little longer than what you expect to enter into a new lifetime. Waiting for this period allows you to stop and recreate yourself.

Spring: This season represents a new growth, life and energy. What you learned last season is now rooted and budding; A whole new world is opening for you. World you never thought. You may be a little hesitant at first to show your true colors because others will think: "Wow, what's happening to him. However, a good change is always catching and others are pulling your new life by being and doing

Summer: Summer is the peak of your leadership role. Your fruit as a leader is now obvious and others see you to succeed. You must be careful not to make this happen because things are happening fast and You may make mistakes. As fruit takes some time to tear before it is harvested, you must take steps to produce in relation to your growth, do not exceed your goals because you might seem like boys. a new identity and these identities are requested by others around you.


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