The mystery of happiness – Wisdom of age and modern sages on how to achieve happiness

What is the secret of happiness? While we can say "at each time," we can also reduce the wisdom of centuries and modern wizards, to find some of the temporary principles of happiness. With that in mind, the most effective way I've found to add happiness to your happiness and grow happiness right under your feet. And the beauty is, you can start happiness your journey where you are.

10 Ways to Get Happiness

Here are 10 ways to help you on your happiness:

  1. Drive from Happiness. In the end, happiness is a decision to run from. One that you turn on this switch, you actually put the ladder to find excuses to be happy instead of hesitant why you are not.
  2. Count what matters. Sometimes, it is the smallest considered most. Do not let good things happen to you, simply because you have not noticed. A simple way to do this is to close your day by thinking about your favorite 3 favorite days.
  3. Focus on what's right, not what's wrong. If you're in a situation, ask yourself: "What's this with this photo?" Then scramble to start asking: "What's wrong with this photo?"
  4. Do not stay on items. Cottage is disempowering. To strengthen yourself, find a new way to look at the picture and find some simple features that you can take. The action increases your power and momentum, and it's a way to break out of self-esteem patterns and find new happiness habits.
  5. Have a short time and a long time. You may not be happy at the moment, but will you be happy for a long time? This is an adequate question. Sometimes it's the best you can do, all you can do, and that's one way to get the best results.
  6. Model best. Find people in your life that rubs their eyes and it escapes their step. What comes naturally to them, must not come naturally to you. Get curiosity and find out what makes them aware and how they deal with common situations. Get curiosity, and you'll find many people like sharing what's good, including happiness … and it's catching.
  7. Spend more time in your values. First, you need to get what you're measuring. For example, maybe you might be real freedom, or maybe adventure, or maybe time. Spend more time on what you appreciate, and you'll start improving your happiness. You do not always have to change "what" you do. Sometimes you can just change "How" you do. For example, if you want to learn, find a way at work to learn more about what you do, as you do.
  8. Eliminate or embrace content that keeps you back. Sometimes it means accepting items as they are. Sometimes it means not accepting it and directing it or finding a way to get the most results. If there is something that certainly keeps your happiness, then face it and do that task. Sometimes the best way to increase happiness is to reduce what sour lives.
  9. Put your own happiness. We do not walk like sunshine, blue sky, rainbows and unity. The trick is to find what happiness means for you and be fine with that pole rather than beat yourself if someone else seems to be happier than you. It could just be their temperament. Instead of going against the grain, work with what you have and always remember that happiness is personal.
  10. Make it a skill. If you think of happiness as a skill, you can continue to add your bag of tricks and get better over time. You can draw from books, people and quotes to build an arsenal of happiness tools that you can use for any scenario. And like any talent, you'll get a better job. In addition, if you have confrontation, always keep in mind that happiness is a process, and you will increase your skills as you expand your ability and happiness.

Having a short time and a long time to take care

Perhaps one of the greatest insights in our modern times is the happiness that we need to deal with happiness with two questions: 19659016] How happy are you ?

  • How happy are you with your life?

    The first question is how happy you are at the moment. The second question is more about appropriation. While you do not feel happy at the moment for an instant experience, you can be able to turn your subjects into opportunities and work on personal fulfillment and meaning. This way you write the story and you can shape happiness in the long run.

    Russell Bertrand about the mystery

    My friend, Dr. Michael, shared my thoughts about what Bertrand Russell believes in the mystery. It went like this … "Bertrand Russell believes that unhappiness is big because of mistaken philosophy that happiness is fundamental human rights – something that has to be done and not violence against the world and the ability to swim with life's life."

    Wisdom of the Century on the Mysteries happiness

    To explain your perspective on happiness, you can reduce the wisdom of centuries and modern perspectives. You do not have to climb a mountain and ask an expert for a secret of happiness (though it might be fun.) Instead, you can get a deep insight from some of the various happiness clues that help us find the secret happiness. Here are some quotes that help us understand what truly is the mystery of happiness:

    1. "Functions can not always be happier, but there is no happiness without action." – Benjamin Disraeli
    2. "Happiness can not come from outside. It must come in. It's not what we see and touches or what others do for us that makes us happy, that's what we think and feel and make first for the neighbor and ourselves. "- Helen Keller
    3. " To be truly satisfied and satisfied, you must omit what it means to be happy or content. "- Confucius

    Find Your Way

    At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is run from the one you want to be and what experience you want to create. You can use this rule in everything you do, as a guide to help you shape the road and find meaning and happiness in what adventure life can throw you.


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