The quest for real happiness

Imagine finding the perfect pair of shoes in the store. You try them, they are good, feel good and look good. You want these shoes more than anything, but they are expensive and you are not sure that you can afford it without taking risks. But you know that these shoes will make you happy. You know it. Look at how cool they look at you! They are the key to your happiness. You look like your credit card and still buy them.

What happens? You have them for one week. You got used to them. Suddenly you care about them so much longer. They are simply part of your clothes. Now you are a few hundred dollars worse and looking for the next form that accelerates content happiness.

Long-term maturity is a real happiness

As you wanted these shoes, they were not the key to your happiness. Everyone was a short moment of joy. Real happiness is long lasting. The reality of happiness continues deep in your soul, even when you have a bad day. Really happiness is never great.

How to Find True Happiness

Finding happiness involves three things:

• Achieving your goals so that you live without regret.
• Surrounded by people and what you like.
• Make good decisions and experience emotional health.

When you want real happiness, you need to concentrate your energy only on one that fits one of these three categories. Every decision you make needs to make you happy both in the short and long term. Too many choose one or the other. They choose "carpe diem" without looking at the long-term consequences of their actions, or they place much attention on the future they forget to live for the present. The reality of happiness is a balance – life happiness now, with the goal of maintaining happiness with each passing day.

Find a Guide to Finding Real Happiness

You can find true happiness in the world – by gaining an abundance of everything you experience in life. You already have tools that are necessary to find real, genuine pleasure. All you need is the right advice to focus on your efforts, keep you more motivated and help you make the right decisions when it comes to creating your future.

Sometimes it takes a little help to create a healthy balance and to survive abundance and pleasure. Send me an email and we can discuss what direction you need to take to get this happiness. Never forget that you can truly achieve real pleasure. The quest for happiness is not a myth – it's something that's right, you'll one day can forgive yourself.


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