This is the leader that really is

Leadership is sometimes honor, burden, privilege, headache, riddles, mirrors, crises and joy. Sometimes there are two or more at the same time.
A leadership is first and foremost and always responsible.

Responsibility to whom? Ask some good leaders and they will tell you that they have, in essence, three constituencies:

1. Their Team
When a leader is responsible for the team, this leader follows:

  • a clear and convincing policy for the team;
  • shares the loan with the team for all success;
  • takes responsibility for all "mistakes";
  • treating team members as individuals;
  • creates a context where team members can grow and develop their potential.

2. Their Federation
A leader is responsible for the agency that works with him, whether this job is paid or volunteered. This means that the leader:

  • returns the success of the agency;
  • works in a way that presents the Agency with the best possible light;
  • makes decisions and takes action to support the long-term success of the organization;
  • communicates honestly with others within the organization, even when – in fact, especially when – the information is negative or otherwise unpleasant;
  • acknowledges that his job is investment by the company and always ensures that the return on investment is greater than the cost.

3. Their community
Social responsibility is becoming increasingly important, especially for centuries, which combine work and customers. Because of this, a responsible leader:

  • is really looking for ways that the organization's goals overlap with community goals (and local, regional, national or global);
  • understands that the organization is in some "citizen" of a larger society and seeks to make sure it is a good citizen;
  • Recognizing that when you're in a society, it's very hurt when one of your neighbors is a jerk – so a good leader tries very hard not to be a jerk;
  • supports a larger community of sponsors, grants and / or other possibilities for achieving goals;
  • does not just wish: "Is this good for my business?" but also, "Is this good for my community?" When making decisions (and again, "community" can be local, regional, domestic or global).

It is a lot of responsibility, and it is not always possible to return all required requirements. Sometimes one responsibility ends with being in conflict with others and the leader has to make a decision. But then, what leaders do, right? They make decisions.

The big picture here is that I want you to take your lead seriously. It's not just about getting your reports on time. It's its management. Leadership is something bigger.

Yes, that's a guarantee. But try to change the word "responsibility" to "opportunity". As a leader, you have opportunity to make a difference. For your team, to your company and society.

I think it's pretty cool.


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