Three Elements of the Leadership

Leaders do nothing more than get results. But you can not get the results yourself. You need others to help you do that. And the best way to get other people to succeed is not by ordering them but encouraging them. But many leaders fail to encourage people to succeed because these leaders misunderstand the term and applications of incentives.

To understand the motivation and apply it daily, understand three important factors. Know these aspects and put them into practice to increase your ability to lead to success.

1. MOTIVATION is a physical action. "Motivation" has a common root with "motor", "momentum", "motion", "mobile", etc. – all words that represent motion, physical action. An essential element of motivation is physical action. Motivation is not what people think or feel but what they do physically. When encouraging people to succeed, encourage them to take the actions that realize the results.

I advise leaders who will encourage individuals and teams to get results to deliver presentations but "leadership talks." Presentations share information. But when you want to encourage people, you need to do more than simply share information. You must let them believe in you and take action to follow you. The key exit of all leadership talks must be physical action, physical action that leads to the results.

For example, I worked for a recently dominated major marketing department that wanted the league to achieve significant improvement. However, workers were demoralized bundled who had a clock ton of overtime under their predecessor and was angry that their efforts were not recognized by senior executives.

She might have tried to order them for increased performance. Many leaders do. But the founders of the organization today very competitive, rapidly changing markets. Companies are much more competitive when their employees instead of being ordered to move from A-point to B-points will go from A-point to B-point. So I suggested that she took the first step in getting employees to enhance performance by encouraging employees to want to improve performance. They would "want" when they began to believe in her leadership. And the first step in implementing this belief was that she should give a host of leadership talks to employees.

One of her first talks she organized was for the team's staff.

She told me, "I want them to acknowledge that I appreciate the work they are doing and I believe they can get the results I'm asking. I want them to feel good about themselves."

"Faith is not enough," I said.

She got the idea that the CEO came into the room after talking, shaking each employee and telling everyone how much he appreciated his work – physical action. She did not stop there. After the CEO, she contravened each employee to write down on the paper three things they needed from her to help them get the results and then deliver those papers to her personal actions.

Imagine that the leadership interview was not a magic dust that was on staff to promptly inspire them. (To change the league so that it started to achieve significant increases in the results, she had to give many leadership talks in weeks and months ahead.) But that was the beginning. Most importantly, it was the right start.

2. The protest is driven by emotion. Emotion and movement come from the same Latin roots meanin g "to move". When you want to move people to take action, take your feelings. Action motivation is the act of emotion. In any strategic management you must make sure that the people have a strong emotional commitment to realize it.

When I explained this to the head of marketing minister worldwide, he said: "Now I know why we are not growing! It was about 40 pages long, simple., Consistent and comprehensive to the central government that had to bear They were almost okay in the direction of windows headlines at the company's headquarters. They sabotaged it on many new ways. Implementing policies – made this trend a real opportunity to succeed.

3. Protests are not that as we do to others, what others do to them. English is not exactly the psychological truth of the motivation. We can not encourage anyone to do anything. The people we want to encourage can only encourage oneself. The motivation and motivation are always the same person. As leaders, communicate, encourage them. So, "stimulate" others to succeed effectively involves create an environment where they encourage them to get those results.

For example: The business sector leader almost hit a bribe on his staff when planning and setting targets next year, figures much higher than the year before, at the expense . Employees all but had to scrape off the air after they went ballistic. "We bumped our tail to get these numbers last year.

He told me." We can click these numbers. I just need to get people to encourage people! "

I gave him" an inspiring and prompt-like person! "The field. I suggested that he create an environment where they could encourage himself. They then assessed what activity was gaining and what did not. They discovered that they spent more than 60 percent of their time at work who had nothing to do get results, then let them develop a plan to avoid unnecessary work.

In the long run, your success does not depend on which school you went to and what degrees you have. It's a success to achieve success. Depends on your ability to motivate individuals and teams to succeed. Motivation is like a high-voltage card lies in your legs. Use it incorrectly and you will be seriously shocked. understand and use three elements, plu Enter the cable as it was and it will serve you on many powerful roads throughout your career.

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