Titanic: A Women Empowerment Movie (A Feminist Film Review)

"What? You think a first-class girl can not drink?" Titanic, written and produced by James Cameron in 1997, shows the state of women in 1912. The film shows a strong love between the white and the poor artist and a wealth of self-interest. It also showed the story of one of the smallest disasters in history.

The story began in 1997, where treasure Brock Lovett is looking for a necklace with a rare diamond, the heart of the ocean, on the rhyme of RMS Titanic. They found a drawing of a young woman who wears the necklace naked. The woman seemed to be Rose DeWitt Bukater —- Rose Dawson Calvert. Then she showed up on Lovett and told about her experience about titanic. The story continues as a 17-year-old, Rose DeWitt Bukater, a first-class passenger in 1912, managing the Titanic. She was forced to marry a rich man named Caledon Hockley, who made her the conclusion of killing her life, is the way to flee her. When she was jumping, she stopped her and offered help, but the authorities thought it was rape and when they found his innocence Cal was force to invite Jack to dinner with the first-class passenger. The story continues, Rose and Jack fell in love with others despite the warning of her mother Rose, Ruth DeWitt Bukater. After that Cal came out and locked Jack away from Rose. Then Titanic hit an iceberg, and the ship begins to sink, and Rose made a way to save Jack. To leave both of them do not rescue because all lifeboats had already gone. Because of the wooden panel where Rose entered, she was saved because one of the rocks returned. Although Jack died because of contempt. After being saved, Rose decided to change his name as Rose Dawson and follow her heart and abandon all the money she has before. The story came back to this day, Lovett and his company, who heard the story, came moving and left only the thought of the heart of the ocean. The movie ended with the old rose who held the necklace and threw it into the ocean.

Rose is simply the representative of an independent woman, fell in love with a poor artist, restored her family and her cousin, left her past life and lives on her own. She turned so much through the picture; Women also have knowledge of things and they are not just beauties, she's a woman who has her own opinion and is not afraid to share them because she thinks she's just expressing her, she's ready to try new stuff, do not mind what will make people think about her, she does not worry about how people define femininity, she gave a new definition of strength, she's safe with her own body, she does not need jack to save her but otherwise she only risks his life to save Jack. Rose, provided heroes do not just take caps, they wear too.

Overall, the movie Titanic was marked by me as it shows the coincidence of women. It must not be the main focus of the story, but somehow it did not give me a different perspective if you look at this area. Titanic is worth a thousand tears. Actors and actresses played their role well, which culminates more in the film. The production team and other technicians did a great job in producing film making that, to date, adds the hearts of the audience. The music praised the flow of history well, which has a good narrative about the story. Here the movie is a bit of a taste and I can say that it is a very magnificent but meaningful film to watch.


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