Way to Happiness

Many struggles with a workplace or home environment that can not be changed or avoided. You find yourself talking with friends and family about an increased amount of stress. It may feel joy is more vague than ever before.

Happiness is a different part for different people. In some ways it's life without doubt, anger or sadness. To others, you can get fun things or focus on what's good rather than deciding what's wrong. When I find the way to happiness, I define happiness as an inner kingdom, usually positive, based on your feelings, qualities and strengths. According to Martin Seligman, founder of positive psychology and author of real happiness (2002), there are three stages of happiness:

o happy life

o the good life

o meaningful life.

Exciting research shows that, although it's a genetic link for depression, it can be learned or increased because it's not something that's happening to you. It's something you do happen. In addition to Seligman, Mihaly Csikszentmehalyi and Dan Baker, research in the past decades has demanded "Flow" and happiness. This information gives you more insights on how to increase happiness, satisfaction and / or meaning in your life.

Seligman had identified six virtues that define "good character" in almost all cultures. These virtues are:

o wisdom

o courage

o love / humanity

o minded

o justice

o sincerity / transcendence

He has also reported 24 strengths as describe behavior that leads to the above virtues. Each individual has five strengths that are signatory strengths. When used daily, they define what will give you a sense of orgasm and meaning in your life. To determine your strength go to http://www.AuthenticHappiness.org or http://www.viastrengths.org . It will take about 45 minutes to answer 240 file.

In addition, we know that positive emotions spread your intellectual, physical and social resources by:

o helping you be creative, open and maybe better.

o help you choose the appropriate goals

o to increase productivity, income, and satisfaction with your work.

o help you to be more sociable and have good relationships.

o increase empathy and generosity.

o add physical health

One client who moved back to the Midwest after being in California for two years recently shared with me: "The weather was beautiful, I had finished my degree and my career went well. I was not happy. What I want, more than anything, is to be happy. "I shared the following studies with her, suggesting that the following external conditions had little or no effect on happiness:

o money, especially if you have enough to meet basic needs

o one major physical illness or problem

o 19659002] o race

However, setting appropriate goals, having a strong social network, being married, religion, leisure activities and avoid negative events and emotions have a moderate impact on happiness.

There are also important internal states that can be managed to enhance positive feelings and feel like living a "good life". To increase your happiness, follow the route to:

I. Release the past. It is liberating and individualistic to proceed from the negative, early events of your life.

2. Looking for and finding things and / or people from the past to appreciate and savor; thank you.

3. If necessary, forgive those involved in negative events to let you go to the past. You will still have less; however, a hurt will be transformed. This may or may not be followed by harmony.

4. Disagreement about negative thoughts by actually requiring your views. Ask yourself what's real?

5. Spread pleasure and savoring them; Think about things in the present.

6. Choose challenging tasks that require skills and concentration to forward the actions towards your goals. This can not always be fun because it can take effort. However, it brings you to pleasure and appropriation – "good life".

7. Identify your signature (top 3-5) Grants. Use them daily to rebuild your work and personal life. The feeling is fulfilled by utilizing the strengths and virtues of the signature. Their use for something larger than oneself gives a sense of your life.

Someone once said that the secret of having it all is believing you do it. According to Seligman, increasing positive emotions gives you a pleasant life. Using your signature technology brings satisfaction and a good life. Using your strength to promote something bigger than yourself will lead to meaning in your life. By doing all three, you can lead a "full" life. I urge you to follow your way and discover where it leads you.


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