Weight gain motivation

First of all, let's be realistic. No weight loss program is going to turn you into the next great model, or the hunk of a burning beefcake. The body type of all is mainly set by genetics. You are either endomorph (a tendency to gain weight), ectomorph (a tendency to avoid weight gain) or one of the smallest of the people who are mesomorph (prone to gain weight as a muscle.)

Approx. half of the world's population consists of endomorphs; A little less than half are ectomorphs, and about one in twenty-five are mesomorphs. Nothing is going to change what kind of body your parents and grandparents left you with genetics.

This does not mean that diet and exercise will not help you, but the key to emphasizing weight loss is to have realistic goals and estimates of results. If you are endomorph, you will always be endomorph. (All these dietary recommendations that show amazing weight loss? Those in the ads are usually mesomorphs who have been heavily focused on injury or illness – and lost it because of the tricks of their metabolism.)

So if your diet and motion will not turn you into mesomorph, why did it? Well, even a small amount of weight loss will give you more energy to get through the day and agree that you are the best you can be – even if you do not have size 4 or wonder about rock hard abs, it's good for self-esteem. It's a lot of benefit to lose a little weight and keep you healthy, from stress reduction, to breaking down free radicals in your body, to slow down the effects of aging. Your body will only work better and hay if the civilization always falls and you have to bring a pack of spiders with a spear, you will at least be ahead of the curve.

Now, all that is to say – to keep your motivation, keep on realistic goals and keep it. Nothing demands old motivation like feeling like you've been out, or plagued. All meals have a slow time and all weight events have flattered peaks, as your body responds to the new focus on calorie intact and stabilizes it, rather than reducing weight.

Working with people in the same boat you are, body type is wise and weight and ability systematically. It's easy to do something with friends' friends – whether it's a law school, parachute jump or trying to get rid of two inches in the waist.

Finally, work with your doctor's advice, especially if you are very obese. Make sure you do the best by trying to get healthy.


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