What is a leader? Discover the secret that executives do not want to tell you

Most people have no idea how to lead men. I did it, I was there and did it. I managed a lot for a couple of years. In this article I will give you advice. Many people do not really know what leadership is. They get their ideas from leaders about them. Their bosses and former officers, even their parents.

The problem is that most leaders are not good at it so if you learn from most leaders then you will end up with bad habits. So how do we know what is good leadership and bad leadership?

Good leadership is to encourage your people to get the best results. This not only means output – like most products in the factory. If that's your only concern, you'll get many fields of employees who want to go.

It also does not mean getting the least for the least cost. Say you do not have the maximum from them, but when you take into consideration the turnover of your employees, their wages, the number of units, etc., you can get it so that you have the lowest wage costs per unit. It is also not a good command.

The best leadership is when the employees respect you and are assured of you. Perhaps they are even happy to work, though it can be difficult to achieve. And when they are in such a way they will work very hard for you. This is the lead as it is done to be.


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