What is motivation?

Sometimes you can answer questions …

Take a quick trip around the internet to search for articles and information about "Motivation & # 39;" and what do you get over?

As I can see, the majority of information out there can be divided into two areas;

1: Motivation and Traditional Psychology (including its Implications for Business and Sports)

2: "How to articles with traditional, but weak, ways to improve and encourage a sense."

] You know what the biggest problem with this is?

It does not seem to take into account that the incentive is both natural and something that is easy to change.

Let me explain this for a moment, where I am with a different perspective.

As a NLP, I asked this question and came up with something of this kind; "Encouragement is a sign of procedures in the brain that simply makes someone want to do, or not, something."

You can think of it a bit like the desire of desire. If you want to do something enough, you must do it. In other words, if you want something enough, you will find a way to achieve it.

Let's go back to the brain for a moment. What a sufficient desire is to create a few thoughts that inevitably take you to action. This action is experienced as an incentive.

You can experience this for you, in many different ways. Think of having to go to the bathroom, for example, you do not have to make a selection plan and think of positive thoughts to get up and move to the next toilet! You do it automatically. This is true motivation.

It seems to me that things that most articles are self-sufficient do not mean that there is no individual internal mental process that can be modified, updated, treated, and improved. But my experience, and thousands of NLPs, is that this is not exactly this.

When I started watching the hobby, I was asked for a conversation with previous partners. We found out what our customers wanted from us based on comments and questions sent by email.

One of the often mentioned was the up and down cycle of training (being motivated) and not training. They wanted to get out of it.

And if you've ever experienced pain and lethargy, encouragement and somnolence or whatever you want to use, you'll know how terrible it is and how much you want to change it.

Actually, this cycle was something my partner had experienced and wanted to change. So we started working and found out how we were stimulating ourselves. What we found was fascinating.

In short, while he played obsessively, he would go further than he would like his body to look like and then he had to point out where the alarm went in his head and POW, it was time to start working again.

Now that I heard this story, I also took the untold information he gave me. Details of his unconditional inner process. It was here that we had to make changes. So we did it.

In short, what we found was very interesting, very appropriate and most importantly very effective.

What was it?

Motivation is a skill you can learn that you can improve and manage.

And, as a result, I developed emphasis training & # 39;. You can think of a course in & # 39; how to do what you do not want to do "# 19;

Thanks for reading,
George SuperBootCamps


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