What is the attraction of students?

It has become very difficult for teachers to join students in their classes and create interest in them for the subject. There are different incentives, some are called extrinsic and others in person.

Intrinsic student motivation means that an individual's motivation comes in, meaning that he is interested because he is really interested in the subject and wants to know more about it.

However, if the student only has foreigners motivated, it means that he is interested in rewards or short incentives such as punishments, accessories and levels.

The teacher needs to focus more on his own initiative because it will create real interest in the student and he will want to contribute and get a better score.

It is usually difficult to create independent motivation, but the teacher can encourage motivation by providing interesting activities, research, challenges and creating environments in the classroom.

There must be a real interest in the student to learn more or to imitate the subject. You will not be able to create independent motivation for all of your students, but you can certainly help to create it.

Other methods of assessing punishment and benefits are sometimes necessary, especially when you are dealing with difficult challenges. Although these methods are short-term and do not ensure good student performance.

I think the easiest way to encourage independent motivation is to show live examples of students they need to study. If you can apply what you are teaching to a real living example, students will probably be interested and contribute to the class.


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