What is the role of the heart in encouragement?

If there's one topic I'm not interested in, it's biology. Apart from the fact that our professor has a voice that could cause anyone to sleep, I just could not think of things like the immune system, nephron and kidney function, phyla and kingdom, the list goes on and over again. One terrible day, we were talking about the nervous system, especially the brain. When our professor went to that part of the role of brain stimulation in motivation, I just had to finish my uncontrolled mood? What? It is such a role as a brainwave in encouragement? You have to be kidding me!

Here's what I found out:

o Dopamine neurotransmitter affects the mind of encouragement. An incentive that exists with a prize system is the main concern of dopamine, as dopamine is increased when wages are expected and reduced when wages are withdrawn. The motivation that dopamine points to (insufficient) hypothesis of dopamine tells us that when stimulating value is available, dopamine is released, which makes individuals struggling to get that salary.

o The neurotransmitter serotonin released at the bottom of the brain called raphe nucleus has said incitement. The axes of the raphe nucleus reach the core, the brain region that participates in the management of incentives to do certain behaviors such as alcohol and drug use.

o The final epitope is the leading cingulated gyrus (part of the cortex and periphery of the system). It's a good idea to be in a seat as it is located next to the motion card and is conveniently located with the front and limbic systems.

o Motivation and attention are in the hands of the forefront. Damage to the bypass causes human behavior to be random, chaotic and poor, despite having intellectual abilities, such as reading.

Yes, brain function and motivation make tango! What information above about the role of brain tumor in motivation means that we have the power to click on our unparalleled setting simply by altering our brain function by correct diet and avoiding unhealthy risks. Furthermore, it gives us enough reason to take care of the brain. Let's learn from Phineas Gage and the Ironman who was driving on his prefrontal cortex that made him a zombie. The role of brainwashing in motivation simply tells us that sometimes biology can be our destiny.


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