When you have no incentive to do anything – how to get that motivation

You are not sure how it started but you wake up one day and realize you have no reason to do anything. You have a good set of friends but you can not bother meeting them. You know you should practice, but hi, it just sounds like work and happens, it would involve leaving your house.

Well done, though. At least you have taken the first step by searching online answers that are probably how you've landed in this article.

How does catalytic stimulation occur? Here are some motivation tips for you.


Maybe it's not a matter of motivation. Perhaps you're just physically depressed. Or you may suffer from mild depression. Get medical attention first and make sure you do not have physical ailment that creates your mind. Blood tests can show hormonal imbalances or key vitamin deficiencies. And if you have saturated fat, sugar and alcohol, the reason for the lack of incentives and energy can be right there. Try to take some kind of movement, even if it's a short daily walk. I know it sounds like a boring solution, but it's true that motion can form endorphin that will make you feel well and it will get the blood and oxygen around your brain too.


Most people get in a roll or a lightweight stage & # 39; every now and then. If you start to punish you for not doing anything, or not even wanting to do anything, it could be a fierce cycle.

This could be a course that will not last forever. Do not punish yourself, it's okay to be lazy from time to time. As long as it does not change from weeks to months.

Are you trying to prevent mistakes. After all, if you do not try it, you can not fail?

We have grown up in a competitive world. The school is entitled to win or lose: test, sporting event, spelling bees. Could it be that you're not worried about doing something because deep down do not you think you can win? & # 39;. For example, even if you have cleaned the garage, something your girlfriend has been waiting for you to age after the garage has been cleaned, she will probably start to cover something else anyway, so what's the matter? You can not win? Or have you ever wanted to set up your own business, but deep down you do not think it's Richard Branson, so why? Life is not a race, it is not a race. It's your life so do not try to judge you against others.


Focusing on just five minutes a day can increase performance than you might think possible. Vince Panella in her wonderful book "The 26-Hour Day", draws a whole chapter in amazing power for five minutes. If you add your life to just 1.5 percent, five days a week, in one year you can see 300 percent improvement! In two years it will be 1,000 percent. In most cases, only five minutes of focused work per day can occur as a 1.5 percent improvement. So, put away an endless list, or big dreams, buy a kitchen set, take five minutes and concentrate just once no matter how small it may seem, just one to five minutes each day, and you'll be surprised by the results .


So starting the day can be the key to the way your day is. Set your alarm and the moment sounds, jump out of bed and pretend to have bags of energy and purpose. Just pretend. After a few days your whole will start thinking unconsciously.

Just select one area of ​​your life that's important to you now and get to work. And you might just become aware of the motivation you have sought.


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