Why do people like to wear underwear: Understanding of men's motives

Some men want to wear underwear. For many, habits can be quite strange and even very unbelievable by man. But the issue is that people are worried about wanting to dress up in close women. Like all other decisions in life, they have reasons to do so and if without rights violating their work, viewers have no reason to ask them on the basis of their desire for women's underwear.

Panties are more comfortable than short

Most men prefer to wear panties because they are safer in it. While most men will not admit it, a survey shows that men have carried women on the phone at least once in their lives. It might be my wife, my sister or sister, but it's that people want to feel the way the panties feel. In that process, however, some people get the comfort of panties and sweating by being treated the same on a regular basis.

Reminds him of something special

Some men who wear women's lingerie will only remind themselves of a woman who plays an important role in her life. A survey conducted among men wearing women's bedding confirmed this. Men wear the underwear before mentioning the past. This feeling can become as sentimental and emotional, but this is a reality. Men who find difficulties in a letter The old love goes with their former girlfriend & # 39; just underwear to have it lasting feeling about them again.

It makes him more horny

Adults have different fetishes. Abortion can be as unexpected to many, and for some men, gifts for the underwear cover will make them more emotional. Note that this has nothing to do with homosexuality and if it is, it's best to let them go as they are. The thing is that there are men who want to introduce sex while wearing close women's wives. Both men do this no matter how unexpected it is.

The method: Men are entitled to lingerie for

If you have sex with a man who has fetish or the will of women, please let them be. Just like other clothing products, lingerie can be worn by someone who feels like it. This is as long as it does not interfere with public policy and good general customs. In this case you can not wear underwear for men. Men who wear sexy women's underwear deserve the same respect as everyone else does.

Your Relationship: It's Wrong to Make Negotiations

While your husband may be one of the groups of men in women's inlaid, you should make it mature. It is improper to compromise your relationship just because he is preparing for his underwear. Think about the enormous things that matter. Remind yourself of what you love him most, and overlook it that he wants the underwear you wear.


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