Why is happiness most important

If anyone asked you what's most important, what do you say? Some of you may say that money is the most important. Some of you will say that love is more important. Some of you will say that the family is the most important. There are still many other possible answers. Now I say to you my answer, for me is the most important joy.

That's because finally, the purpose of all of the above is happiness. Why do we want a good career and a lot of money? That's because when we get money, we can buy a part of our need and comfort, we will gain more respect in society and all of this will make us feel comfortable. So the purpose of earning money is happiness at last. Now we love, why do we want to love? That's because the one who loves us will take care of us. This person will be with us in good and bad times. We seek love because we seek support. Support gives us emotional stability, which is then necessary for happiness. So the purpose behind our love love is also happiness. That's why the family is so important in our lives.

Why are we not happy

Now we are happy what we are doing, but we are not happy yet. Why? That's because we do not realize that happiness is not something we should look for in the future. Happiness is around. Most of us always work for happiness in the future. We think when we get this role or the thing in the future we will be happy. When we get one, put our eyes on the next item. We miss happiness like this every time. So we're not happy because our attitude is not right. Sometimes times are very difficult and it's not easy to be happy, but for the most part we are unhappy because our attitude is wrong.

What to do

Sometimes in our lives, we could be happy if we learn to be happy in the present. It's not easy to agree, but it's not that hard. When we want something good in life, we need to do a lot of work. Congratulations, we also need to work but much less if compared to other good things in life. So go for it and be happy for life. Now the question is how to be happy in the present? For that you need to read some books and some good blogs for happiness. Books and blogs of happiness will help you analyze your views and generate a better perspective to be happy. Keep in mind, read only those books and blogs that are neutral and offer a really simple and practical approach rather than a complex philosophy of happiness. That's because if a book or blog will not touch your heart, you will not find how to be happy.


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