Your Success Happiness Is Over – Even if you look at adversity, challenge or difficult lifestyle

The quest for happiness is over because you are finding happiness in the wisdom of homeless people called Robert.

When I went to a restaurant one evening, I met Robert. After spending several hours in the weeks that followed, I became his friend. He has taught me so much; In fact, he is the biggest teacher I've experienced in "How to Find Happiness" … even in the midst of a challenge, adversity or unpleasant change in life.

One frozen morning I picked up Robert to get coffee. He smiled happily and said "Good morning" when he climbed into my car. I noticed he did not have his coat, so I asked him where it was. He said, "Last night I was on the class with this older boy who was so cold that he was shaking like a leaf. I thought a little for him, so I got him my coat."

Here is a man who lives, eats and sleeps on the sidewalks. He is cold, exhausted and depressed. His most important concern is to survive. His clothes are all he had, but he still carries the back of the back to help those in need.

What does a man like Robert think to help others? Perhaps we can learn something valuable from him for happiness and how to feel better when faced with challenges and adversity.

In the Book Try to Give Yourself, David Dunn said: "I've believed my hobbies to help, giving off, with the joy of joy it causes is the finest heart of tonic in the world." [19659002] Dunn reached the goal. Serving us in service is powerful support for health, happiness and long life. Studies show that people who work volunteers work at least once a week, live by those who do nothing, almost three to one. Giving your heart good in more ways than one.

And Mandino, a better way to live, asks: "What if you start treating everyone you meet – your family, neighbors, coworkers, strangers, customers, even enemies if you have any – like them, along with you must be dead at midnight? How are you supposed to treat everyone? You know how with more care and care than before. Goodness and cooperation than you have previously experienced by others. "

Is not That the treatment we need most during difficult times? Much of the world is in the wrong smell in search of fulfillment and happiness when faced with challenge and adversity. If only they knew the secrets of homeless people sitting on the lawn in winter without his coat.

My friend obscures his coat because giving your heart a tonic, served on a higher level as your problems disappear because you do not care about yourself.

There are at least five things you can do with your hands on adversity. You can turn them desperately, flip them in helplessness, take them in anger, hold them up or use them to help someone.

Do you always think about life and all you want is a little happiness and comfort? If so, use your hands and go to help someone and do not be surprised when you get exactly what you want.


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