The future of happiness

On average, a typical person increases every 1 hour and thinks about the future. Future conception is a pleasure because we tend to imagine happiness and success.

Take a moment to think about where your future thoughts have been traveling to even today. Have you imagined the perfect golf shot? How do you respond when you meet this special person? What will you do when you win a lottery? What fills your mind when you think about your future?

While we are delighted to think about our future, research has shown that the pleasure of imagination is greater than its reality when we arrived. This stems from our desire to embrace positive aspects and to reduce the reality of what it will take to get there. In addition, we can not explain other circumstances that might arise in the meantime.

For example, Henry told my client how much he had looked forward to when his teenagers had gone to college. He had been planning how he would turn an extra bedroom into his private property, and he and his wife would have been free to travel more. However, when the time came for the last child to go home, his elderly parents needed help. Shortly after they got new freedom, Henry moved his parents into one of the new bedrooms, which reduces many of her dreams in the future.

Even though these changes change our future strategy and its reality when it comes, it is still healthy and valuable to create a picture of our goals as appropriate. Especially those that are closely related to our personal achievements and less dependent on external circumstances.

In the journal of sports science, a recent study of image processing of injured athletes concluded that "implementation of ideology plus physical rehabilitation should enhance rehabilitation experience and help restore recovery of injured athletes."

There are well-known studies that show different advances in sports skills in sports using guided methods and other potential ways of practicing their ideals. In one study, a basketball group was divided into two groups. One group went to court and spent their time practicing sculptures. The other group sat in meditation and showed the perfect shot over and over again. After some time everyone went to the field and played a game. There was a pronounced difference in the performance of the two groups, but those who used a purely visual way were much better than those who practiced physical exercise.

The key to these things is that when players practice, they will usually make good and bad shots. For players who use visualization, they only practice perfect shots. By creating such a way in their brains, the body simply had to follow the pattern.

So we know we must reduce the outcome of our imagination as the future can develop quite differently. Yet, at the same time, we can weight the certain process, and certainly improve the talent, by visualizing and fantasizing the perfect system.

The exercise used by athletes can be translated into any area of ​​your life. How do you think about the future of your finances? Your relationships? Your career? Your health?

Every 24 hours, a typical person increases 3 full hours by imagining his future. How will you choose to use this time?


Defining happiness: What does it mean to be happy?

Defining: Happiness
According to Happiness means the following:

1. quality or condition to be happy.

2. good luck satisfaction; satisfaction; joy.

  • But it does not really explain, so what's happiness?

This question is usually asked by those who think they are missing something or think they are depressed or are really depressed. However, we will see how your happiness definition is quite different from true happiness. With that, we must dive into the matter much deeper.

What is happiness? We need to define what happiness is and how to acquire it.

Everyone wants to be happy, so we automatically assume happiness is all that you want and since the one who wants to make money is the key to happiness, so we can get everything we want with money and we so be happy.

We will see how this is not the case after looking at any kind of person, from the beginning with a wealthy upper class. The rich businessman, or the CEO of that big company, or billionaire on the internet, certainly they are happy because they have the most money. They all have the keys to success and wealth.

However, if we look at the matter properly, we will find that there are wealthy people who are unhappy and wealthy who are satisfied. But these people only look up; When we see a large number of cars and homes with lots of servers and extravagant corners, we automatically expect them to be happiest. But the only way to find out for who is happy and happy, we need to ask ourselves.

Let us ask the state, the people who have more money than we can even imagine people who have mansions and expensive cars and watches. When the push comes to shoot, they will all let out the sad truth, they are not happy. Their jealousy and shocks destroy peace of mind and are constantly prominent in their business. Their women are easily bored with nothing else to buy with their credit cards, their children grow apart from being spoiled and expect a large flow of money they receive from their parents. Their sons and daughters are raised and removed. Surely this is not life to be leading, and yet we see it so often. We will not find true happiness with the upper class.

Let us ask the middle class, the hard workers who do a decent salary and work a long time. They work all day and set aside money to prepare for such happiness, like this prolonged residence or restoration of their house, although they get old and their breeds and driving slowly slow out with age and can not even enjoy leisure. Working all day leads a man to wasting his life to work and eventually it will not allow a person to enjoy the money they worked for so long and hard for.

Let us go further down to the social class and ask the employees who do not work well. They work hard day in and day out to make enough money to survive. However, they are not generally satisfied because they think they get short ends of the character and get used to the rich upper class. Employees produce wealth but can not enjoy it. Surely it does not seem like happiness.

It seems that it's not like happiness, but it's clearly not possible to be true, let's go further into the matter and see what we can find. We need to find a resort. What is happiness?


Mignon McLaughlin Happiness Quotes (Part 1 of 2)

This American female journalist (1913-1983) and author of Neurotic Notebooks and Columns in Cosmopolitan and Vogue actually said many good things. Here's a smattering, with my comments to follow:

"Nobody really listens to somebody else, and if you try it for a moment, see why."

Listening has a strange prize, but they are never immediately. It requires faith to be effective listening if we are left behind. Cleverly do it because they know that it's the only way to communicate in the same way.

"Successful marriage requires in love to be often, always with the same person."

They say that marriage is difficult … never, definitely! But that's true. If we love what he speaks to us or that she waits for each of our words, why do we stop doing that? Continue to avoid. Magic begins with you and him or her. You can influence and motivate others.

"If you made a list of reasons for what married couples marry and another list of reasons for their divorce, then you have a lot of overlap."

Marriages broke up for the same reason that attraction began. We stopped trying. The opponent is & # 39; never stop trying & # 39; and our interviews will inevitably be successful, and thriving happiness can always be found or rediscovered.

"For the happiest life, the days should be precisely organized, nights after opening for an opportunity."

Oh voila! Declining the preacher wisdom, this testimony is about keeping life simple. Only a simple life, with space and space to move, can be happy. We must work hard, yes, but we must also choose to rest, restore and spend quality time with loved ones – and also find the necessary time spent.

"It's the most unhappy people who fear the most."

Go photo. Most of the change gives unusual to unhappy complainants. In fact, these aids change if the change medium is patient enough. The & # 39; black hat & # 39; can affect and cause deviations from the original program and better results are achieved – no unhappy person would agree … suddenly they have played their participant!

"Hope is the feeling that we have the feeling we have is not permanent."

This is a funny truth about hope. We know we have not got it anymore when it's suddenly gone, or as it disappears quickly from the point of view. Forgiveness surrounds our minds and hearts, and we seek to regain it … our hope.

"If you are brave too often, people will come to expect you."

This is a rather sad truth. When we meet people's expectations about our skills in each region, they naturally start to trust themselves and trust us. We can only (eventually) release them.

"We quickly learn our limitations, we never learn our powers."

Negative thinking has a lot to answer for. It is like being invisible on certain beaches in 1916 and looking to the left (lands) at the death and destruction of Somme without looking calm, a rhythm of ocean that never changes. Some people never mind looking right, and even worse, some simply do not choose .

"Probably not, the child you can do the least with, will do the most to make you proud."

This is another image & # 39; A statement that simply reminds us that God surprises us strangely sometimes. We must be surprised. & # 39;

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Happiness and success

Here's something you can try. You can create a happy table or treasure card. You need a large table or flat piece of wood, old magazines, colored pens and anything else like a piece of fabric, glitter, glue used to make a collage.

Check out the magazines and tear everything that's related to you and your dreams. Do not be cognitive about this, take your emotional response on each page. If something clicks on the button then pull it out. You can find pictures associated with everything you've dreamed of doing or thinking about doing or anything you want to accomplish. You may want to write on & # 39; post it & # 39; note, word or two to point to something you dream about doing.

Hold it completely over your table (just let it happen without change). Perhaps you have 100 or more bits of paper. Look at what you've got and see if any of these things surprise you and reflect how or whether this exercise was easy or difficult to do.

When you look at everything you want to do, decide when you want to reach them. What do you want to do in the next six months a year? If you realize the things you will find happiness your score will increase. You might believe that you will be happy when something is happening in the current way of your life, for example when I reach my birthday, when I lose weight when I have another job, more money, a new relationship.


Life management skills for more happiness

"Conditions are the chiefs of the weak, they are only the wise." -Samuel Lover

One of the most common complaints people have today is that their disk is fuller than full. The demands of modern life often make people feel out of place and inadequate. Many people knowingly know that they can not give 100% everything, yet they have unrealistic expectations for themselves. Therefore, "something must be given," and usually it's self-defense and personal satisfaction.

See if this sounds like something you could tell yourself. "Life just seems to be whizzing with me, and I do not feel like spending enough time on what matters most to me. Then it will be over."

Life & # 39; s requirements can not slow down anytime, and learning that the balance of life is an ongoing art. If you think one day you will "get it all done, and then you can relax" you're on the way to being disappointed.

How can we ensure that the things that are most important to us receive the attention they deserve? Consider the following absolute basis of life management skills.

Number one: Know the top four priority categories in your life (ie spiritual / personal development, family / relationship, career, personal care / health) and honestly evaluate how much time you give each class.

Often people have expectations about themselves that are unrealistic compared to the time they need to defend something. For example, if you only give 50% of your time in a career, it's very unrealistic to expect you to be a great star in that category. In addition, if your kids and family are the top priority for you, only 50% is about to be thoughtful, and that's probably what you can give and still have enough time and energy left.

Number two: Write it down! Do not use your brains as your program. Doing so increases stress. Consider creating a five separate "to do" list. The first four lists are in line with your four priority categories (from our example above, one for mental / personal development, one for family / relationships, one for career / work and one for personal care / health). Then the fifth list would be generally "doing" that did not fit into these top four categories.

From this list, be sure to organize important items in FIRST's priority categories, before doing anything else on your calendar. Therefore, you do not have to worry about whether you prioritize time. Then you can choose and choose from your mainstream to list any additional activities you may need, or need to actually fit in. By the way, do not be afraid to use this good word "no" anytime – robbers you know!

Number three: The exercise is only in modern times. Say you're always thinking about your endless workplace in the office when you're home with your family. The fact is that there is nothing you can do about those items on your table. Worried about it take precious time and attention away from your priorities and increase your feelings of dissatisfaction about life.

It takes practice and some mental self-control to keep your attention on what's happening at the moment, but this tip alone will lead to a lot of reward. When you click on one life at a time you will not feel as if you miss.

Be patient and love yourself. Remember always, life is a continuous process and it will throw you curved balls from time to time. But with exercises you feel like coming back to balance gets faster and easier. Therefore, you will enjoy life more and have a more consistent experience of happiness.


Marriage and happiness – Will marriage make you happy?

Will marriage make you happy?

People love to organize a wedding. But about half of those who make the change ends in divorce. . . and divorce is expensive in terms of money, stress and emotion. What do new studies say about happiness about marriage? Will it make you happy? Or could it contribute to your dissatisfaction?

Study Results

So, will marriage make you happy? Here is the gospel. A positive relationship between marriage and happiness has been reported in research for many years. Large surveys usually show how much happier married people are those who are unmarried. Married men report more happiness than those who have never been married, and those who are divorced, widowed or separated.

But it does not just say the words that respond. Studies show that people living with a partner are also happier than those living alone. Both married and married women are happier than unmarried individuals, but some studies indicate that the marriage can provide a slightly higher benefit for men than women.

Marriage tends to make people happy, help them to experience positive feelings and find a deep level of life satisfaction. Marriage can protect people from life by offering support and friendship from a spouse, who can serve as a friend and a confidential and decision-making partner. People living alone can feel the inconvenience of life and fail to find a little close, strong support that an affiliate can afford.

Marital pleasure really helps to enhance the happiness of man or a sense of subjective well-being. Feelings of joy, belonging and inner peace can be caused by a good marriage. When marriage is unbelievable, the choice may be even greater, including a sense of euphoria or a real sense of unrest. Of course, the problem for many people is really good marriage!

Of course, happy people have the best possible spouse or spouse and they create happy marriages. Research suggests that happy people can also get the best opportunity to marry too. Happiness, like depression, is contagious. Being around happy people will make people less happy, but happy friends tend to lift us up. No wonder happy people are in demand! They make us feel so well.

The art of building a happiness marriage can be nauseous. Most married people could benefit from training in the field of marriage better. As the fact shows, a good marriage is worthwhile, since marriage can make you happy. I have added a list of powerful and simple tips that you can use to improve your marriage. Even if you have a good marriage, these tips can make your relationship more enjoyable and enjoyable.

Congratulations on marriage

1. Look at the bright side – always try to be as positive and optimistic as you can be. A positive positive attitude leads to positive behavior and a better relationship. No one likes to be around rough.

2. Keep the communication openings open. Talk often and be gentle with your partner – do not dodge each other or play a communication device. Make sure you have bilateral talks. No one works when someone hears the discussion.

3. Take time to have fun and stay back to the kids – be youthful and avoid taking too seriously. If you've lost your understanding of playfulness, you can recover it!

4. If you have a smoke or melt, solve the problem quickly – be quick to understand, forgive and forget. Do not try to punish your partner.

5. Give big problems or serious issues of time to heal. Be understanding, support and approval of the healing process.

6. Each spouse should give others plenty of support and motivation to be all he or she can be. Make sure this is not a one way street.

7. Each spouse should receive input and receive an impact from others. The feeling of your better partner will only ruin your relationship.

8. Marriages spreading energy equally, both spouses are often happy, as both spouses are as important as important to marriage, and nobody feels inferior, less important or left out.

And frustration will not build up.

9. Avoid Forcing Changes to Your Spouse. Provide support and inspiration, but trust him / her to make the necessary changes. Do not rub or push him / her. . . Changes are not always easy even when we're very interested. If your spouse is not cutting it, put it down and talk about it

10. Put the best foot in front – try to be your best every single day. Make sure you do not stop being polite and sensitive just because you marry. Do not stop listening. Do not start to be slob or work like a lazy butt! Treat your partner as a special person he / she really is. . . and do not stop, ever!

Try these tips and you'll increase your chances of making your marriage truly enjoyable and happy-filling you with content and helping you achieve your goals and giving you a lot of happiness and joy for both partners.

Will marriage make you happy? It can certainly help. And you can follow simple but effective steps to make your marriage the best it can be. Happy people tend to be healthier and live longer than other people, so happiness is a valuable goal for us.


The meaning of life and happiness has two sides each

There are two aspects to each of these: meaning of life and happiness that is the meaning of life. Indeed, the meaning and happiness are two sides of the same coin. I know three-sided coins: the head and tail and the edge of the coin. I have never thought of a four-sided coin until you write this article.

Does it make me crazy? Certainly not. It certainly makes me a little odd. Design I accept happily. But I'm breaking up. (Always wanted to use "but I break" in a sentence.)

Well, let's try four-sided square as in geometry. It could do that. In your eyes, form a black line on white paper. The square, of course, has four sides. Without these sides, the square would not be completed. There I have it. Each of the four sides is necessary for the whole square.

I use square instead of rectangle because the rectangle can have two sides of one length and the other two sides of another length. (Of course, there is a square rectangle, but the rectangle is not necessarily a square.)

So, each side of the square is as long as all four sides are necessary to create the perfect square. So it is with meaning and happiness. There are two opposite sides of our square; One of these things has become "inner happiness" and the opposite side has become "out of luck". Then there are of course two sides of the square. They are also opposite each other. These two sides carry meaning-inside and meaning-outside, respectively.

Now, what does this mean? How about your life?

Obviously, without any of these sides the square breaks apart. Its structure is at risk.

Just so with your life. If any of the sides are missing in your life, your life will not be complete. You must float like a sick fish on a dry land. Something is missing. Something would be lacking. You would feel dissatisfied; You would feel insufficient.

How to avoid feeling this way? Simple. Make sure all four aspects of your life are successful.

You do it by cultivating all four of the sides of the square. (By the way, after this picture in your life – do not make a square.)

There is no order on which side you need to breed first. As long as you keep them all in balance, you'll do it right. In other words, keep all of them encouraged on a regular basis.

Indoor Happiness There is no more question than what makes a person happy? Although there is time and effort, the answer is simple. To be happy, you need to develop and encourage relationships with the Divine. You get this connection with meditation or prayer. You need to know that you are an individual of divine. You are a clear and precious part of the universe. When you make this idea of ​​your own meditation you will be happy. God / the universe is beyond all good. What's better than being happy.

Inside – Emotion of Life Once you have found happiness inside, you will soon discover the meaning of life. As a person of the Divine, you must know what you need to do. You experience the divine. The goddess is conscious; we are aware. Because the divinity is pure consciousness, it can not be proved itself. We are the people of God / the universe who live in and use the body. So, since the divinity can not be physically understood, we can. We therefore try on behalf of the Divine.

The highest experience we could have is to be happy. To experience everything with happiness in mind.

Without Happiness With our inner blessing, we radiate our happiness in the world. Yes, you can say it: Make this a happy place to live. We do it in two ways. First, we make our own space as happy as possible. Secondly, we make the world a happy place for as many others as we can.

That means we do everything possible to make life good for ourselves and others. I was thinking about setting a list of what we could do to make this world better for everyone. Then I realized that any list I did could never be completed. It would not be complete because the world is changing. We still need to make this time as happy as possible for all – including ourselves.

Outside – Labeling We have found meaning when we discover that we are the offspring of God / the universe. Our goal must be to educate as many as possible with the view that the greatest translation is happiness.

How do we do that? We are grateful for everything. We teach ourselves and everyone else that we can point out that everyone can find meaning in their lives by being grateful for everything in their lives. All: Good, bad, ugly, beautiful, sad, lofty.

Being grateful for everything in our lives makes us understand that we should all be grateful.

Everyone can not match a four-sided coin because the money does not exist. However, these four sides fit very easily in your life.

Everything we experience links us back to God / the universe. Then we came to a full circle again for happiness and meaning.


Got Happy? Six conversations to have with yourself

How do you see and do joy? Happiness, like beauty, is in the eye of the viewer. Whether it concerns your family, work or hobby, your definition of happiness is unique.

Some are happy, just living and fulfilling their basic needs, such as according to Maslow:

o Food

o Shelter

o Clothing

o Chocolate good idea, no?)

Can money bought happiness? Some seem to think so. However, an increase in chemical levels is not consistent with the increase in happiness. Even lottery in lottery games only announced more happiness in the first six months.

No matter how you define happiness, here are six necessary internal conversations to take with you to help create space for being happy:

1. Define your essence and what happiness means for you. Then evaluate how it relates to your current situation and set goals for positive changes. What will life look like when you reach your goal? Check out often by asking: "Does this make me happy?"

2. Do not compare yourself to Joneses, Smiths, or the soldiers – thank you for what you have. Love what is and count your blessings. Everyone experiences envy and cause insecurity at some point, but do not make it happen. You just put yourself feeling bad. Instead of telling you that you are good enough as you are.

3. Create the moment by celebrating you perfectly. Encourage you to let go. Engage in activities that are rewarding, challenging and it matters your talents. Experience the flow by just enjoying doing, not necessarily a conclusion or achievement.

4. Get out and hold. We all need to belong. Statistics show that people in relationships experience more happiness in life. So have a happy conversation with people who share your opinions, ideals, etc. Build relationships with family, friends, museums and acquaintances. It will make life better and happier.

5. Do not condemn or criticize. It creates a negative lens where you see everything. Promise someone at least once a day. What you put out there come back. When you get angry do not be there. Holding in anger or frustration will most likely harm you more than anyone else. Get a perspective and remind you of your positive change. Be sure that this also goes by.

6. Take responsibility for your own happiness. There is nobody else. Your method of happiness tells you a lot about who you are and how you feel about yourself. As Comedian Al Frank's Stuart Smalley says in the mirror: "You're good enough, smart enough and darn it … people like me!" Sounds corny, but positive confirmation work.

Imagine talking to someone you know. Is this person positive? Are you connected and grateful? Happy to be just around him or her? A small choice you make every day … where you are, what you do, how you choose and what you have … can greatly increase your happiness. So start talking to yourself! You will both be glad you did.

"Most people are as happy as they make it mindful." Abraham Lincoln

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Discover the true source of happiness

What is the most people's desire for life? Most of us would probably say something like worthy and adequate career, financial security, high health or lively relationships. All valid answers of course, as they fulfill all the basic needs of our lives. However, if we were digging a little deeper, we would discover that underlying all of this, our ultimate desire is to be happy. First and foremost, we all want to feel good and well-being with ourselves, with others and the world.

In order to find this happiness, I can see that for many years I was looking for a completely wrong place. When I had money at the bank, I felt great. When my relationships were working, I felt like shouting from the roof. At that time I was able to get to the gym, go for a long time and keep my weight in control, I felt good about me. Then of course, inevitable would happen. Something would not be right and knocked me in the middle. This would then affect all other aspects of my life and how I perceived it. I would then look for the next event that would change things and make me happy again.

Let's be honest. We'll do it all. We value events in our lives and from that data decide whether we will be happy. But one thing we all have in common is the event that we can label bad and bad for all of us. None of us have quite a smooth drive. Also, our feelings about the matter can change, because what we have been able to thank yesterday may be old and no longer serve us anymore.

I have discovered that happiness is really a decision. As a spiritual reality, I realize that happiness (or joy) is not dependent on circumstances, but is from within and can be developed. It is part of our birthright and we just need to learn how to access it.

Other articles I have written will help to develop this. See how you can keep the greetings of the calendar to attract more joy and well-being into your life. Also read about how you can live at the moment, which is resistance to the fines and negativity of surviving in the past, as well as the fears of anticipating an awesome future.

Try this powerful exercise:

  1. Think about events that bought you real happiness, satisfaction or understanding of success. For example, it might be your wedding day, graduating, marathon or a memorable vacation.
  2. Close your eyes and see the event. Use all the senses for this. See everything as clearly as you can, take the participants involved, check them out smiling and look inspiring. See it in color. What are the sounds, especially positive feedback from those around you? Can you hear a bird song? What do you wear the clothes you were wearing? Where is there any smell and taste involved?
  3. Bring your feelings into play. Remember how you felt about the experience. Allow you to feel comfortable.
  4. Expand your visualization. See the area even more bright, allow the colors to be brighter and the sound to be clear. Above all, enhance emotional response by finding pleasure, excitement and joy at peak.

By participating in this activity every day, you must prepare your subconscious mind to focus on positive emotions. This will then encourage the law of attraction to work in your favor. It will be easier and easier to access joy within and to be happy for purpose.

A person who is a secret secret of inner happiness by acknowledging that there is no need to determine the way they feel has a real beginning to attract other important needs that I mentioned at the top of this article, such as health, wealth and relationships.

Can find the true source of happiness, helping you in your quest to attract more abundance.


Confirmed – Happiness starts again at 50

Amazing news for all of us who are in prison in the middle of a life crisis – happiness is just around the corner, confirmed by new scientific research that proves that our lives really are in accordance with 19659002] And far from becoming more miserable when we fire, scientists have now shown that the older we become, the happier we will be too. Brilliant news for all those in the middle of a life crisis. According to scientists, the happiness begins steadily since the beginning of the twentieth, and we usually get more negative and dark when we go through thirty-five and fifty.

So those currently in the midst of the depths can start to be safer because it is now proven that after fifty and decades our feelings increase and continue to grow steadily. This is because scientists believe that age brings us more wisdom and makes us more realistic about our goals, talents and hopes.

The new report by Bert Van Landeghem of the Maastricht University, presented at the General Conference of the Kingdom, concluded that "AU-shaped happiness does not necessarily mean that sixty-five-year-old chooses his own life in twenty five years age.

"Both 25 and 65 can agree that it is better to be 25 years old, but 65 years old could be happy because he has learned to be content with what he has. # 19;

The study involved gathering data on happiness surveys in the UK, Switzerland and Germany. It is consistent with a study at the University of Warwick who found money makes us happier – but only if we have more than our girlfriends.

Many people carry through their lives abundant feelings about violence and waste. Born by the environment, bringing, experience, self-esteem, this new science study tries to overcome these disadvantages, if not by remedying causes, but by giving us the wisdom and peace of mind to accept our greatness.

While many people, especially when younger, do not evaluate their own talents or underestimate the fact that most things and circumstances, as well as lifestyle, can keep through persistent efforts and learning, those who have not been able to focus on it To change their lives for the better can be assured that nature – itself – will think of itself with simple, natural recognition in fifty years and deep deep roots of satisfaction with our greatness in our recent years.