Confirmed – Happiness starts again at 50

Amazing news for all of us who are in prison in the middle of a life crisis – happiness is just around the corner, confirmed by new scientific research that proves that our lives really are in accordance with 19659002] And far from becoming more miserable when we fire, scientists have now shown that the older we become, the happier we will be too. Brilliant news for all those in the middle of a life crisis. According to scientists, the happiness begins steadily since the beginning of the twentieth, and we usually get more negative and dark when we go through thirty-five and fifty.

So those currently in the midst of the depths can start to be safer because it is now proven that after fifty and decades our feelings increase and continue to grow steadily. This is because scientists believe that age brings us more wisdom and makes us more realistic about our goals, talents and hopes.

The new report by Bert Van Landeghem of the Maastricht University, presented at the General Conference of the Kingdom, concluded that "AU-shaped happiness does not necessarily mean that sixty-five-year-old chooses his own life in twenty five years age.

"Both 25 and 65 can agree that it is better to be 25 years old, but 65 years old could be happy because he has learned to be content with what he has. # 19;

The study involved gathering data on happiness surveys in the UK, Switzerland and Germany. It is consistent with a study at the University of Warwick who found money makes us happier – but only if we have more than our girlfriends.

Many people carry through their lives abundant feelings about violence and waste. Born by the environment, bringing, experience, self-esteem, this new science study tries to overcome these disadvantages, if not by remedying causes, but by giving us the wisdom and peace of mind to accept our greatness.

While many people, especially when younger, do not evaluate their own talents or underestimate the fact that most things and circumstances, as well as lifestyle, can keep through persistent efforts and learning, those who have not been able to focus on it To change their lives for the better can be assured that nature – itself – will think of itself with simple, natural recognition in fifty years and deep deep roots of satisfaction with our greatness in our recent years.


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