Defining happiness: What does it mean to be happy?

Defining: Happiness
According to Happiness means the following:

1. quality or condition to be happy.

2. good luck satisfaction; satisfaction; joy.

  • But it does not really explain, so what's happiness?

This question is usually asked by those who think they are missing something or think they are depressed or are really depressed. However, we will see how your happiness definition is quite different from true happiness. With that, we must dive into the matter much deeper.

What is happiness? We need to define what happiness is and how to acquire it.

Everyone wants to be happy, so we automatically assume happiness is all that you want and since the one who wants to make money is the key to happiness, so we can get everything we want with money and we so be happy.

We will see how this is not the case after looking at any kind of person, from the beginning with a wealthy upper class. The rich businessman, or the CEO of that big company, or billionaire on the internet, certainly they are happy because they have the most money. They all have the keys to success and wealth.

However, if we look at the matter properly, we will find that there are wealthy people who are unhappy and wealthy who are satisfied. But these people only look up; When we see a large number of cars and homes with lots of servers and extravagant corners, we automatically expect them to be happiest. But the only way to find out for who is happy and happy, we need to ask ourselves.

Let us ask the state, the people who have more money than we can even imagine people who have mansions and expensive cars and watches. When the push comes to shoot, they will all let out the sad truth, they are not happy. Their jealousy and shocks destroy peace of mind and are constantly prominent in their business. Their women are easily bored with nothing else to buy with their credit cards, their children grow apart from being spoiled and expect a large flow of money they receive from their parents. Their sons and daughters are raised and removed. Surely this is not life to be leading, and yet we see it so often. We will not find true happiness with the upper class.

Let us ask the middle class, the hard workers who do a decent salary and work a long time. They work all day and set aside money to prepare for such happiness, like this prolonged residence or restoration of their house, although they get old and their breeds and driving slowly slow out with age and can not even enjoy leisure. Working all day leads a man to wasting his life to work and eventually it will not allow a person to enjoy the money they worked for so long and hard for.

Let us go further down to the social class and ask the employees who do not work well. They work hard day in and day out to make enough money to survive. However, they are not generally satisfied because they think they get short ends of the character and get used to the rich upper class. Employees produce wealth but can not enjoy it. Surely it does not seem like happiness.

It seems that it's not like happiness, but it's clearly not possible to be true, let's go further into the matter and see what we can find. We need to find a resort. What is happiness?


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