Discover the true source of happiness

What is the most people's desire for life? Most of us would probably say something like worthy and adequate career, financial security, high health or lively relationships. All valid answers of course, as they fulfill all the basic needs of our lives. However, if we were digging a little deeper, we would discover that underlying all of this, our ultimate desire is to be happy. First and foremost, we all want to feel good and well-being with ourselves, with others and the world.

In order to find this happiness, I can see that for many years I was looking for a completely wrong place. When I had money at the bank, I felt great. When my relationships were working, I felt like shouting from the roof. At that time I was able to get to the gym, go for a long time and keep my weight in control, I felt good about me. Then of course, inevitable would happen. Something would not be right and knocked me in the middle. This would then affect all other aspects of my life and how I perceived it. I would then look for the next event that would change things and make me happy again.

Let's be honest. We'll do it all. We value events in our lives and from that data decide whether we will be happy. But one thing we all have in common is the event that we can label bad and bad for all of us. None of us have quite a smooth drive. Also, our feelings about the matter can change, because what we have been able to thank yesterday may be old and no longer serve us anymore.

I have discovered that happiness is really a decision. As a spiritual reality, I realize that happiness (or joy) is not dependent on circumstances, but is from within and can be developed. It is part of our birthright and we just need to learn how to access it.

Other articles I have written will help to develop this. See how you can keep the greetings of the calendar to attract more joy and well-being into your life. Also read about how you can live at the moment, which is resistance to the fines and negativity of surviving in the past, as well as the fears of anticipating an awesome future.

Try this powerful exercise:

  1. Think about events that bought you real happiness, satisfaction or understanding of success. For example, it might be your wedding day, graduating, marathon or a memorable vacation.
  2. Close your eyes and see the event. Use all the senses for this. See everything as clearly as you can, take the participants involved, check them out smiling and look inspiring. See it in color. What are the sounds, especially positive feedback from those around you? Can you hear a bird song? What do you wear the clothes you were wearing? Where is there any smell and taste involved?
  3. Bring your feelings into play. Remember how you felt about the experience. Allow you to feel comfortable.
  4. Expand your visualization. See the area even more bright, allow the colors to be brighter and the sound to be clear. Above all, enhance emotional response by finding pleasure, excitement and joy at peak.

By participating in this activity every day, you must prepare your subconscious mind to focus on positive emotions. This will then encourage the law of attraction to work in your favor. It will be easier and easier to access joy within and to be happy for purpose.

A person who is a secret secret of inner happiness by acknowledging that there is no need to determine the way they feel has a real beginning to attract other important needs that I mentioned at the top of this article, such as health, wealth and relationships.

Can find the true source of happiness, helping you in your quest to attract more abundance.


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