Expect happiness

My wonderful and lifetime friend Amanda announced the world a long time ago she was about to have a baby … Ah, the miracle of the world.

She was worried about how happy she and her husband were, despite having recently missed their job and how their 3 year old daughter really needed a player although she was not sure to put the child once born because of the fact that They had recently reduced my apartment, and on and after she shouted alive, both current and future.

Her gospel announcement was inspired by her story of mistakes, mistakes and misfortunes that she and her husband had experienced in recent months, and I felt almost crying with help of joy and celebrity.

I did what I always do and get stuck in their business in the form of late night calls. I could say fast that everything was not good at the dormitory.

Happiness that a new child was on the way had turned into fear of how, in the present circumstances, they could even afford to have a baby, much less concerned about him when she arrived. (For this reason, we assume that the new taste of joy will be a little girlfriend so that I can stop everything he / she and him / her references).

We spent a little time worrying about Amanda's concern and fear and I allowed her to prevent. Her husband had lost her job because of downsizing and then the employer went to insurance. They had mice, the electricity bill was two months later, so was the phone cost. The cable had already been closed and their daughter quickly rushed off clothes that suited her.

I asked her how her husband felt about everything that was happening in her life and she said his answer to what was in six packages he drank every night and removed the stars she would receive when she spoke to him about a dark and uncertain future.

I asked how she felt about things and she told me that if she was not pregnant she would have to take part in him for a drink to help her think of all her concerns.

Basically, she said she had no hope of her future and that there was no way they could ever dig out of this financial, emotional, and energy-rich hell hole they found themselves in and then she Shegan to cry.

I left her for a few minutes without telling her a word and when I heard her a little, I finally asked her why she felt this way.

She said I should be kidding, would not I have listened to her? Her life fell apart in front of her eyes and there was nothing she could do about it.

Amanda now knows exactly what I live and she has been in my house and has seen the car I drive. She completely understands that I have this and much, much more because I live what I preach. She does not believe the prosperity ideas I teach will work for her and I have been able to see her even for information on success and wealth that I would freely invite her to. It also has no use for available information about the exciting and proven concept of the law.

In a nutshell, the law of attraction simply as familiar as before, as one thinks, so is he. Also, be grateful for what they have now and can find and imagine what they want to come into their lives as they already do.

Amanda did not have this pop psychology mumbo-jumbo saying she had to call the phone and would call me again later. I knew she would not so I asked her a simple question.

"Amanda, when are you going to have your child?"

"The due date is in September, why?" She asked carefully

"How can you be so sure she'll really come in September, how can you be sure she'll come at all?" I asked her.

"That's How It Works Much." She said sárcastically, "You will be pregnant and then nine months later, the priest, you have eighteen years of commitment on hand."

I continued for a minute and asked them, "So if she's not here yet, she knows she's coming." That's right? "

"Yes, exactly," she said with a loud sigh, "I'm worried about how to pay all medical bills for delivery and how on earth will we get the money for everything a new kid needs? unexpectedly, we are so unexpected not even with any of Savannah's things anymore, we sold them in a garage sale a few months to put a meal on the dashboard. "She said sadly.

"Amanda" I quietly said, "I want you to listen to me and think about what I am telling you."

"I assume," she said with great interest. " But if you start with all the positive affirmations and absurdity of pretending to have all that I need in my life and how if I convince myself what I already have, it will somehow be stunning out of nowhere, I & # 39; Stick to yourself and not the name of the new child after you like what I meant. "

She became frustrated, so I said," You're already doing it, Amanda, and well, too. at this moment. "

" What are you talking about, Myla. We have nothing! Our life is spinning out of control.

"Amanda, calm down" I said firmly: "You promised to hear me. I have not said one word of positive thinking or something about the law of attraction. They are working like busters!"

Amanda, check this for a minute. You are so sure that you will physically be owned by a child in nine months, even though you may not possibly understand the monumental complexity and miracle of how this sweetheart turns from one cell of organism into one who lives and breathes and thinks and feels and loves, and unfortunately eats, poker gives awesome a lot, but you know it happens. Every fiber of being and it affects how you feel at this moment. "

" Or consider how you feel when you order something from the shopping hall. Were you looking for moments sooner? It's not in your possession but you know it's coming, you can really see it, how it feels, it's the texture, how it's & # 39; is going to come to life. that it comes or has no sense of ownership, are you? "

" And then it's by seeing how and what you want your life to look like. , Amanda, and they will continue to attract similar feelings and feelings and appear in more bills, no job offers and more and more misery. "

" Just imagine what you can do by thinking differently, by having the same intestinal feelings for positive things you just know are coming into your life anytime now. You would not be lousy, depressed and worried and a lot of money would probably be when absent in your mind before it even came, Amanda would not? "

" Amanda? Amanda !? Hello? "Nothing but a ringtone. She hung up on me, I can not believe it. What harm could it have made for her to consider what I said?" If there is a possibility that something can change your life for Better and it is not painful or moral opposition, why would not anyone at least try it?

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