Happiness and success

Here's something you can try. You can create a happy table or treasure card. You need a large table or flat piece of wood, old magazines, colored pens and anything else like a piece of fabric, glitter, glue used to make a collage.

Check out the magazines and tear everything that's related to you and your dreams. Do not be cognitive about this, take your emotional response on each page. If something clicks on the button then pull it out. You can find pictures associated with everything you've dreamed of doing or thinking about doing or anything you want to accomplish. You may want to write on & # 39; post it & # 39; note, word or two to point to something you dream about doing.

Hold it completely over your table (just let it happen without change). Perhaps you have 100 or more bits of paper. Look at what you've got and see if any of these things surprise you and reflect how or whether this exercise was easy or difficult to do.

When you look at everything you want to do, decide when you want to reach them. What do you want to do in the next six months a year? If you realize the things you will find happiness your score will increase. You might believe that you will be happy when something is happening in the current way of your life, for example when I reach my birthday, when I lose weight when I have another job, more money, a new relationship.


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