Life management skills for more happiness

"Conditions are the chiefs of the weak, they are only the wise." -Samuel Lover

One of the most common complaints people have today is that their disk is fuller than full. The demands of modern life often make people feel out of place and inadequate. Many people knowingly know that they can not give 100% everything, yet they have unrealistic expectations for themselves. Therefore, "something must be given," and usually it's self-defense and personal satisfaction.

See if this sounds like something you could tell yourself. "Life just seems to be whizzing with me, and I do not feel like spending enough time on what matters most to me. Then it will be over."

Life & # 39; s requirements can not slow down anytime, and learning that the balance of life is an ongoing art. If you think one day you will "get it all done, and then you can relax" you're on the way to being disappointed.

How can we ensure that the things that are most important to us receive the attention they deserve? Consider the following absolute basis of life management skills.

Number one: Know the top four priority categories in your life (ie spiritual / personal development, family / relationship, career, personal care / health) and honestly evaluate how much time you give each class.

Often people have expectations about themselves that are unrealistic compared to the time they need to defend something. For example, if you only give 50% of your time in a career, it's very unrealistic to expect you to be a great star in that category. In addition, if your kids and family are the top priority for you, only 50% is about to be thoughtful, and that's probably what you can give and still have enough time and energy left.

Number two: Write it down! Do not use your brains as your program. Doing so increases stress. Consider creating a five separate "to do" list. The first four lists are in line with your four priority categories (from our example above, one for mental / personal development, one for family / relationships, one for career / work and one for personal care / health). Then the fifth list would be generally "doing" that did not fit into these top four categories.

From this list, be sure to organize important items in FIRST's priority categories, before doing anything else on your calendar. Therefore, you do not have to worry about whether you prioritize time. Then you can choose and choose from your mainstream to list any additional activities you may need, or need to actually fit in. By the way, do not be afraid to use this good word "no" anytime – robbers you know!

Number three: The exercise is only in modern times. Say you're always thinking about your endless workplace in the office when you're home with your family. The fact is that there is nothing you can do about those items on your table. Worried about it take precious time and attention away from your priorities and increase your feelings of dissatisfaction about life.

It takes practice and some mental self-control to keep your attention on what's happening at the moment, but this tip alone will lead to a lot of reward. When you click on one life at a time you will not feel as if you miss.

Be patient and love yourself. Remember always, life is a continuous process and it will throw you curved balls from time to time. But with exercises you feel like coming back to balance gets faster and easier. Therefore, you will enjoy life more and have a more consistent experience of happiness.


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