The meaning of life and happiness has two sides each

There are two aspects to each of these: meaning of life and happiness that is the meaning of life. Indeed, the meaning and happiness are two sides of the same coin. I know three-sided coins: the head and tail and the edge of the coin. I have never thought of a four-sided coin until you write this article.

Does it make me crazy? Certainly not. It certainly makes me a little odd. Design I accept happily. But I'm breaking up. (Always wanted to use "but I break" in a sentence.)

Well, let's try four-sided square as in geometry. It could do that. In your eyes, form a black line on white paper. The square, of course, has four sides. Without these sides, the square would not be completed. There I have it. Each of the four sides is necessary for the whole square.

I use square instead of rectangle because the rectangle can have two sides of one length and the other two sides of another length. (Of course, there is a square rectangle, but the rectangle is not necessarily a square.)

So, each side of the square is as long as all four sides are necessary to create the perfect square. So it is with meaning and happiness. There are two opposite sides of our square; One of these things has become "inner happiness" and the opposite side has become "out of luck". Then there are of course two sides of the square. They are also opposite each other. These two sides carry meaning-inside and meaning-outside, respectively.

Now, what does this mean? How about your life?

Obviously, without any of these sides the square breaks apart. Its structure is at risk.

Just so with your life. If any of the sides are missing in your life, your life will not be complete. You must float like a sick fish on a dry land. Something is missing. Something would be lacking. You would feel dissatisfied; You would feel insufficient.

How to avoid feeling this way? Simple. Make sure all four aspects of your life are successful.

You do it by cultivating all four of the sides of the square. (By the way, after this picture in your life – do not make a square.)

There is no order on which side you need to breed first. As long as you keep them all in balance, you'll do it right. In other words, keep all of them encouraged on a regular basis.

Indoor Happiness There is no more question than what makes a person happy? Although there is time and effort, the answer is simple. To be happy, you need to develop and encourage relationships with the Divine. You get this connection with meditation or prayer. You need to know that you are an individual of divine. You are a clear and precious part of the universe. When you make this idea of ​​your own meditation you will be happy. God / the universe is beyond all good. What's better than being happy.

Inside – Emotion of Life Once you have found happiness inside, you will soon discover the meaning of life. As a person of the Divine, you must know what you need to do. You experience the divine. The goddess is conscious; we are aware. Because the divinity is pure consciousness, it can not be proved itself. We are the people of God / the universe who live in and use the body. So, since the divinity can not be physically understood, we can. We therefore try on behalf of the Divine.

The highest experience we could have is to be happy. To experience everything with happiness in mind.

Without Happiness With our inner blessing, we radiate our happiness in the world. Yes, you can say it: Make this a happy place to live. We do it in two ways. First, we make our own space as happy as possible. Secondly, we make the world a happy place for as many others as we can.

That means we do everything possible to make life good for ourselves and others. I was thinking about setting a list of what we could do to make this world better for everyone. Then I realized that any list I did could never be completed. It would not be complete because the world is changing. We still need to make this time as happy as possible for all – including ourselves.

Outside – Labeling We have found meaning when we discover that we are the offspring of God / the universe. Our goal must be to educate as many as possible with the view that the greatest translation is happiness.

How do we do that? We are grateful for everything. We teach ourselves and everyone else that we can point out that everyone can find meaning in their lives by being grateful for everything in their lives. All: Good, bad, ugly, beautiful, sad, lofty.

Being grateful for everything in our lives makes us understand that we should all be grateful.

Everyone can not match a four-sided coin because the money does not exist. However, these four sides fit very easily in your life.

Everything we experience links us back to God / the universe. Then we came to a full circle again for happiness and meaning.


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