The quest for happiness syndrome

Where did we go so wrong? I grew up in Kenya, went to school there, college and even worked there for four years. I've never thought of moving to America, it was not even in my state about "Things to do before I die". It changed in 1998, when I met and married a US world warrior, an older boy. I began to realize that I had just received a favorite for the Land Possibilities.

Fast forward to 2000. In my country, I worked fast and furious to fit into a new culture. I started a company that allowed me to work with a lot of people every day. Lots of Americans.

What I started to notice is that Americans are very unhappy. Do not misunderstand me. I usually used to practice the smile, gorgeous "I'm here for you whenever you need me" promises and all this. But most non-Westerners take on their privileges fairly fast.

My company enabled me to gather a lot of people in Iceland and the West in general, self-medication in various ways to cover up – what? Food, shopping, medicine, more drugs, legal medicine, illegal drugs, plastic surgery, celebrity worship. All that. And yet, most of the people I come across when I get to know them better make me realize they are very happy.

So where were we so wrong in pursuit of happiness?

The truth about happiness

o Happiness is a choice

I'm not sure where people have an idea of ​​happiness is something that's happening to you. The truth is that nobody owes you happiness. Not the government, not your parents, not your spouse, not your children. You can wake up every morning, acknowledging that everything is not perfect with the world around you, and still choose to be happy. There is always a choice. Now, of course, some things make it easier for us to perform that choice. For example, being financially peaceful, be healthy etc. Make it easy to choose to be happy. However, being happy is not dependent on any of these things. Indeed, if you understand the law of attraction, then you know being unhappy is a sure way to attract more of what you are dissatisfied with.

o Happiness is your birthright

What tears?

However, you were born with a talent to be happy, how is it not your birthday? Have you ever seen a child who does not know how to be happy? At some point in our lives, we decide that we are expected to be unhappy, usually by buying such things as how faith entails us believing we are born of sinners who need to repent to be happy. or by observing your unhappy parents and internalizing it like what it means to be or by believing your friends, who said you were not good and really ugly. In the famous Tony Robbins style, "when would it be good to take this mindset and take it into pulp, create a hell of fire and burn it for eternal condemnation"?

o True happiness can not take place

I also love the Will Smith movie. It was one of the touching films I've seen. But I think that's also the reason why the film ends at the point where he has just "achieved happiness." Indeed, is someone fooling you to happiness and "grab" it? You can do money, sex, expensive cars, like. But happiness is who you are already. You simply have to turn it on. I'm annoyed every time I see the discussion, "Money does not buy happiness." I usually think of myself, "where are these people shopping?"

Money does not buy happiness because happiness is not a product for sale out there. It lives in you. If you already have tons of money, you have a good company, you work out like mad and eat great health, you have 6 plasma TVs ….. And you're still dissatisfied. How crazy is that? Here's a hint: Stop chasing happiness and start living it. Get started.

o The secret to happiness

How do you know if truly happy? Here is a rule of thumb, if you have to ask this question, you are not. Truly happy people have discovered the greatest secrets to happiness and they live with spectacular obsession. This secret is: Gratitude. To be grateful means just that. It means being grateful for everything that happens in your life. Good, bad, ugly. That's why it's all about serving the highest quality in the long run. The fact that you are not deep and honestly grateful for the current circumstances is the cause of your unhappiness. Sometimes, usually, it is never clear how things are happening now are going to serve our highest quality.

But they always do it.

With great gratitude,



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