Time, Money, Happiness – Have it all

There are some things that include important requirements of money and time. Why do we want more for more?

Perhaps you can refer to what I'm going to describe here.

I sometimes think we forget what is very important. Yes, money and time are very important products – no doubt. The huge stigma surrounding these two items creates a lot of confusion and scattered thinking, and of course there are disputes when too little (or too much) of each is experienced.

But this entry is not about money or time – two things I talk about in other articles.

This post is happy. Your happiness.

Think of happiness for a while. Why do we do everything we do in life?

Why do we participate in business opportunities, relationships, work, children? And to a lesser extent, why do we watch TV or surf the internet? Even less, why wear the clothes we wear or use some shampoo?

It all expresses our happiness. We are constantly looking for this happiness all the time, 24/7. Happiness is our biggest, highest and highest goal. It's about money and time. When we are happy we are complete.

So what makes you happy? I would not be able to say what makes everyone happy all the time, but I can tell you a few things:

1) Givingness. Have you ever noticed that when you give – when you're truly without a thought that you want something back – do you like it? I'm not sure how this works or why. All I know is that when I've given something to someone without expecting benefits, concrete or not, it made me clear inside. I think there is something that grants to give some gift that helps make life easier for them. Getting out of your way feels good.

2) Creation. Create items, such as music, art, contact or child. We are born to create every day of our lives. The most unfortunate thing is not many people are using their full potential, or they create a way that does not necessarily match their highest quality (for example, in a final project).

But we are born to create a huge scale. Can you imagine whether Mozart, Gandhi or Tesla were not big creators? Can we even start to imagine what the world would be like without them?

Use the same logic with yourself. You, with your very existence, make great difference in this world. And you do not have to create a masterpiece, passive resistor or waveforms. You are important on a minor and major scale because you are creating daily. And this creation can bring joy when there is something you want to do.

For example, I create articles here on EzineArticles. It gives me a way to give others free and creative.

3) Relationships. Ahh, what should we be without another? Even the inspiration needs human touch once a while. As much as we want to be right or independent in our own way, to be kings and queen of the universe, we have a deep need for other human beings. Even if they are not in our company, we need to know that they are at least out there.

And romantic relationships – who would not love to be loved? What a great feeling is to love somebody. Instant happiness.

4) Playfulness. This is one that most people do not think about. This world is so serious! We are bombarded by the next drama, tragedy, or scandal every day. On a large scale, people have fetish for solemn, serious, serious. Ever wonder how it allows you to cough, even unhappy? I hear someone say people are suffering from "emotional diseases". I would agree. What is so wonderful to be serious all the time?

Describe! Children are naturally happy because they are playful. They love to play, be silly, laugh, giggling, running, dancing. Children are as adults should be. I think we, as adults, have a lot to unlearn. Let the kids be the teachers, drop a long face and come and do a silly dance!

5) Freedom. It sounds generally (and it is), but freedom is a twin sister happiness. Without freedom you can not be happy. And without happiness you can not be free. The freedom to do, be, have, experience whatever you feel like in this life. Sharing this feeling with others expands the feeling 100x fold for each person you influence.

So, we have – 5 essentials that can make one happy.

It is my sincere desire that you experience all 5 above steadily for 2010. Every day of your life, you can be blessed with the greatest happiness, the highest goals.


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