Why congratulate your baseline

Everyone lives on a certain baseline happiness. In scale one to ten, where one is very dissatisfied and ten are happy, how do you evaluate how much happiness you have?

Why does this figure matter? Everything that happens in life causes you to give them meaning. It means you feel good or bad – in the usual way you look at the world. With the assignment of markings, you can evaluate each case you consider to be problematic with numbers from one to ten, as one is scary and ten are by no means at all a problem.

Still with me? Awesome. Now you have two numbers together to look at your world. Say you're somebody who's sometimes happy than usual and also stressed. So you appreciate how much happiness you have in three. Something happens – you do not get the bonus you were relying on at work. You appreciate this disappointment at seven. If you are in step three, the problem creates seven levels of stress in your world.

Someone at level six sees the same disappointment and mild shock. And anyone who lives at level eight realizes that the bonus does not happen, possibly drops to six or seven points for a short period of time (minutes or hours, not days) then returns to level eight and continues to live in a disappointing way the past.

When you live in a higher initial value, you see fewer events as a problem. You are bigger than your problems. When something interferes with you, you'll lose a little but never bottom out. You can fall from eight to six. But if you start three and autumn then you can go one. See the difference?

What can you do to raise happiness baseline? Create as many of these methods as possible:

  • Give Thanksgiving
  • Keep "New Day Intentions" Diary
  • Every Night, Check Your Follow-up List To See What You Did – Not worried about what's not happening without monitoring your daily inadequate plans
  • focus on positive thinking for at least three minutes at least once a day
  • create a "happy happiness bank" you can made withdrawal
  • meditate
  • meditate
  • smile
  • click on

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