10 steps to greater personal power, happiness and success

Personal power and success comes through discipline, a common choice of thinking, emotions and actions. Here are ten short ideas you can do every day to help you gain more abundance in your life.

· You usually get what you think of, expect and look for in life. Just look at the best and goodness in yourself, life and others. Look for and expect great, abundance and happiness and that's what you find and create.

· The best way to get what you want is often to help others get what they want. Do you want to succeed? Joy? Abundance? Help others to reach them and the gratitude will be delivered by them, karma, the universe or your own subconscious mind.

· Look forward to each day with enthusiasm and positive certainty and expectations. Happiness and life success usually do not fall into our circles, we live with our thoughts, emotions and expectations.

· Take risks. Nothing much is always done to play it safe. Think little, get a little. Think great, get well. Pretty simple equations.

· Set unrealistic, demanding, but possible goals and goals for yourself, but not for others. You have to think and work in life. Why not think and act greatly! What do you need to lose? But do not expect or demand from others. You have no control or authority over them. Expect the same from them just puts you up to disappointment and frustration.

· Congratulations and reward for your little work along the way. Celebrate the little course on the way. You understand it and this will force you forward in a positive direction. Give yourself abundance and happiness and the universe will follow the suite.

· Listen a lot. Have a playful attitude. Why not? Is not it fun to have fun? So choose this. Strength comes from within. It will not simply appear from heaven.

· Be automatic. See life as a constant adventure. We live only once, as best I can say. At least in this body, this repetition we live only once. Squeeze the most juice you can out of yourself and your life EVERY EVERY DAY!

· Trust the intestines of your intuition. It's rarely wrong.

· Be aware of your thoughts and words. Remember that what you think and talk about is what you're looking for and creating in your life. If you grab yourself in a negative, even neutral, thoughts or words, swap them immediately with positive, supportive, creative, inspiring, rewarding, or loving thoughts or words.

Creative abundance, joy, prosperity and personal power is yours to take. THANK YOU! Peace and love all of you.


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