Emotional Language

In the practice of psychology, I sometimes use technology called chair processing & # 39; – Ask customers to figure themselves out talking to an imaginary person in an empty chair that is against them. Very often they answer, "I feel stupid." What they really are feeling is embarrassing. It is a voice in their mind to think that these practices are stupid and the feeling that comes with is self-awareness and trouble.

So not only is the feeling they choose to identify the tag. Many of us have minorities to take negative emotions and automatically fall into themselves, automatically fall, as in this example, from oneself – consciousness and trouble in folly.

Define what you feel and say you feel so boring. We all have feelings and to be able to recognize that they are healthy. But getting your feelings – tag yourself and define yourself by them (especially when your feelings are negative) is to make you a lot of emotional service.

Think about it – how often do you hear someone saying "I'm feeling depressed" against "I'm depressed?"

The feeling of stupid, for many of us, approaches almost automatic negative thinking. Either, we are not good at taking a test, or scaring to write essays or not having a fine retort when someone is hurting us. Or we treat ourselves as socially innocent and think it's a form of stupid.

We understand that everyone around us knows how to negotiate the world better than we do – being intelligent and benefiting from their lives while fighting, inadequate and embarrassing.

If we understand the idea of ​​being stupid by the emotions we find in our bodies, we will start to strengthen ourselves by gathering information. If our observations and ears burn; if our chest is dense; or our stomach is complete, we need to notice.

Then we could feel more sympathetic with us and observe that we focus on the physiological level from our emotional responses.

Psychological treatment, support groups, self-help books and spiritual ways can all help. Rather than receive "stupid definition", & # 39; judge yourself as simply stupid, find out what really happens to the surface and give you the opportunity to heal and strengthen yourself.


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