Finally! The secret to true happiness (and it's not love or money)

To achieve your goals make you happy?

You must definitely believe that you or others wanted to & # 39; would not be on the list of goals that you wrote after you created your visibility management.

Talk about your wish list, how many photos have you written? Search for at least 30. It's only the first 7 or 8 that take some hard thoughts after the wheels are lubricated and they start tumbling out on paper.

But will you make you happy when you have them? Return when you thought (car, home, work, partner, bigger salary, dream vacation) would make you so happy and life would be better. You wanted stars, dreamed you and the miracle appeared in your life (it was not really a miracle, you were just unconsciously and accidentally tapped into the law of attraction). Once you got it, it was originally the expression and the feeling that "finally" was what you wanted. Touchdown!

Think about how long this feeling lasted?

How long did this happen? & # 39; The new car needed expensive gas and insurance, a new home came with a mortgage, a new job came with a boss who was bad, a new partner had a thin routine, the bigger the salary did not go as far as you thought it would.

Sometimes you realize you're not happy again so the search begins for next the item that will finally make you happy and the cycle continues.

Image this: The pickup truck brings you to your driveway. Large basket is brought to you. The basket contains 30 small boxes. Each of these boxes is marked with one of your goals (wild). When you open each box, this goal suddenly appears in your life! Wow, are you happy, happy! All your wishes (goals) have simply been omitted in your circles.

But were you ready for all these gifts?

Have you heard a few stories of people who have won a lottery? They have a lot of money, but they are the same as they were before they arrived. Were they prepared for the start of calls, letters and people who came to their door asking for money? And even some threats when they were not forthcoming? Were they willing to surrender all personal life? For feelings that tore through their families? To move from his home? Ready to hire accountants, lawyers and even security? I would stop guessing that winning a big lottery has caused more trouble in the lives of people who are losing it.

So now you are learning about goal setting and achievement. You are making some changes, trying something you have not tried before. You have made Vision Board, 30 points. Want a goal that you write that day. You have been doing this for at least a month now ….. hmmm …. wait … wait … finger drums on the desk. And you're thinking, "when is this law of attraction" finally going to work? "

Perhaps this law is just a little, or" it may work for others, but it does not work for me ". Do you want to doubt the gravity? Take a seaman what happens if he ignores this. and we can see them in action.

The law, referred to in universal law, can not be seen in the limitations of our human body but also constantly in pain and based on physics. Because we can not see it, it means that they are not at work?

Think about getting the wheels in a car, start the engine, get on the gas and just go now. You get frustrated and you keep trying to achieve the same results. is that the car has a standard shipping. Even if you did, you do not know how to use it. You could go outside and push (try to knock) the car to move or you wool align In addition to the knowledge and training needed to coordinate the feet and hands to control the standard transmission, one way is contrary to the law of nature, but the most appropriate and workable. Who would you rather do?

These universal songs, designed by all creators, are in play whether you believe in them or not. You can never escape them. So, what do you think happens when you actually align, get in touch with them? That's exactly what you're doing when you follow this series of goals and accomplish articles. Congratulations!

Back to wonder why things do not happen fast enough for you, let me introduce you to other laws . Yes, there are seven universal songs. And several subdivisions come with each one. If the word & # 39; songs & # 39; makes some free spirits cringe, then just substitute songs & # 39; for more convenient words. The fact is that they are irreplaceable.

This is the law of the sexes . It tells you it takes time to build the goal. It is pregnant. Some of your goals appear sooner than others.

Here is where faith comes in. There is no written list of pregnancy to tell you how long it will take to attract the ideal / woman, put it $ 100,000 on your bank account, & & nbsp; & & # 39; take the dream trip & # 39; get the degree & # 39; . It will happen when the time is right.

The champions will show you how to take a step and keep you informed if you focus on your message while brushing doubtful thoughts aside. Our own can not tell us when time is right, we must trust and have faith in "laws".

Yes, you can set a timeline for each of your goals. Some teachers insist. The purpose is to give you a complete line, something to keep you focused, something to reduce the performance of the pistol and put yourself in action. And if your goal does not seem at that time, remember that you do not have unrealistic goals, just unrealistic timelines, and you draw another complete line. Allow the goal of cultivating development.

So no, it's not a sign of your goal that will make you happy.

Are you ready to hear what will?

Drum roll please …..

It's the person you become while you run for your goal that will make you happy!

It's a process, the knowledge you get, the new ways you go, the revival and the widening of the circle in the world. The change you make in you. THIS is what makes you happy. Thus, the content and intrinsic elements that come into your life as your goal to be a icing on a cake and be so much more delicious!

Your task:

Prioritize your goal list . Select the most appropriate goals and place "A" next to them. Put "B" next to most of your goals and if any, add "C" next to them.

In your "A" list, choose one goal ahead of your highest goal . This goal should be something that lets you tingle when you've thought about it. There should be something you're passionate about, excited about. It should also be stretching for you.

You might think that if you focus only on one top goal, what about others? Well, we already know that the universe is perfect and when you focus on and pursue your highest goal, others just follow the soldiers in process and fall into place! Be sure that your highest goal is actually your highest goal and not one you think you should & # 39; be your highest goal. Energy flows where your strength goes. Focus on that.

© Lynn Moore 2007


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