Finding your blessing or passion – the key to happiness

Recently, what made people feel & # 39; has become a hot topic for me. I have come to a place in my life as I realize how important it is for all men.

When I was 18, I received unconventional recommendations from writing a twelve grade exam. That meant I had graduated without a final exam and I could take the last weeks of school. My father was the school principal and without my knowledge, I had a job at the bank as a spokesman.

At that time, I took it as a necessary step in my life. You go from school, get a job. I did not think much about what I wanted to be when I grew up. Now I did not have to think about it for some time. I would win money and move into my second phase of life.

Time has passed and I've tried my hand on many things. I went from banking to computer accounts, secretary's office, photography and physical education. I dabbled in real estate and small business but it always seemed to be something missing in my life.

I do not remember my parents to encourage me what I liked to do and was good at. Coming from a chauvinistic father, all we girls was expected to do was housework. When we get up, of course, nursing and possible education are acceptable job and banking. I do not teach my parents to know not how to support me in my interests as a child. Our parents do the best they know how to make learned from people who taught them. Money was often a prerequisite for choosing a career. It was either how much money we had to spend on education or how much money we got when we were in school.

When we do not like what we are doing, we are not motivated. Some call it lazy. I do not believe in laziness. I believe in lack of motivation. When we really like what we have to do, we have no trouble doing that. Find a lazy person, find what they really, really like to do and feel good and give them. They will not be lazy.

I believe that our Creator gave us at least one great love and ability to do that. We can not find it right away. There are many factors that can interfere with our development in a person we can be. We have caregivers, teachers, and other most influential people in our lives when we are growing up. They all have an idea of ​​what's best for us, because they take care of it. Unfortunately, many of them do not know how important it is for children to explore what really interests them.

Peace, tranquility and joy are the results of having life-based who we are as people. This part of our lives is so important at all times.

Here are some tips to help you find your bliss now.

1) What is something you remember doing since you lost time? Investigate it!

2) Remember time when you've helped someone fix something or create something and they've told you, "You're so good at it."

3) What are the subjects in the school that you used and received a good grade?

4) What are some of the things you have tempted to do because you do not think you're good at them. Do them!

Here are some tips to help your children when they are growing.

1) Watch your kids. Learn about them and listen to them.

2) Encourage them to explore their world.

3) Notice where their strengths, talents and interests are. Help them develop those interests.

4) Know their abilities and achievements and share their excitement.

Children's self-esteem is so important.

I now have an idea of ​​the life that turns my fluctuations. I discovered websites and online marketing. I love writing. Personal development has been my hobby all my adult life. I have taken photography and I am very organized. This is a match for me. I'll get it all! I now have a web page.


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