Happiness is in the closet

You want to succeed. Being well will make you happy. To succeed is to reach the top ladder or is it climbing to the top that makes us happy?

Are you looking for happiness? You'll find it in strange places; or so seems. Here is the principle we are talking about today: "Be careful not to do righteousness for men to see them. If you do, you will not receive a reward from your heavenly Father." So, "When you pray, do not be as hypocrites, because they love to pray in the synagogues and at the intersection that the men see. I tell the truth that they have fully rewarded. When you pray, go into your room shut the door and pray your father who is unseen, then your father who sees what is secret will make you a reward "(Matthew 6: 1, 5-6).

When we get our wages from other people, it's wonderful at the moment, but it's all the prizes we have, whether it's applause, cupcake, money or anything, and shortly after getting such reforms we find holes. When our Heavenly Father rewards us, keep it forever – that's the point.

In a similar teaching, Jesus says that our left hand should not know what our right hand is doing. In other words, when you do something good for someone, do not report it with trumpets so that others can see what you've done. You'll have immediate wages from people, but your everlasting prize will disappear. We live in community as a prize for athletes, film stars, spokesmen, doctors and lawyers, as they were all superheroes, but in the end all of them are left behind – they are not "storing treasures in heaven" Matthew 6:20).

It's wonderful to do the right thing for the right reason (not because we can get a salary but because it's right to do it), that's what truly brings us happiness. This is the same principle at work as we pray. If we ask the right motivation, not only to ask for something to spend on our own pleasure, but pray for God's will in our lives, we have both immediate and permanent wages – happiness that can not be taken away or lost. It is part of the great paradox that we have trouble covering our hearts and minds around: "He who finds life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it" (Matt 10:39). This can be reflective in a society that teaches us to "grab all gusto" that we can achieve. The more strict we take everything that gusto, however, the more we realize that happiness has brought us back.

Where do we find happiness? It is in the prayer closet – the secret where we speak to God in private. Our hands are open, do not grab anything, but filled with expectations of being touched by God's hand. Until he touches us, we can never be successful, so I suggest you visit my site: http://www.garyvillamor.simplesite.com or email me: gvillamor@sbcglobal.net . Happiness is well worth a visit.


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