Happiness is now a six-letter word

Thanks for & # 39; Der Spiegel & # 39; for this cute headline. I love the stories about people in standby for a new iPhone. First, because I'm a Mac fan, have used Macs since 1996. Okay, I'm an old timer. But it's also great to see a wonderful new design of ordinary things, such as mobile phones, to thank many people.

As a marketplace, what are the remarkable things that can be taken from this parable. First of all, the excitement was. The new iPhone was introduced in January, with a start date set June 29 later this year. But certainly other technical products have been announced before they started, like Vista, for example, and no-one tried to do it, or at least if they did, did not make British news headlines. Remember that the iPhone is only launched in the United States at this time. Still, BBC news.

Fair enough, helped some unexpected coverage by sharing the name. However, it would not really take into account hype and excitement. For the most part, very little comment was available as Apple thought the new phones were a bit of a secret before they started. Critics had to buy one in the launch before they could express themselves. This meant that there was a lot of speculation about whether the phone would expect expectations or not.

Possible Apple has learned from JK Rowling and an effective presentation of the Harry Potter books. Date and time, not normal opening hours in the store, are announced and the queue begins. It all depends on the happening. People are able to talk to other people waiting, the camera roll, it will be an event and people will participate in something that has some kind of meaning. What matters does not matter, at the end of the day. And free PR? Priceless.

Perhaps something has to do with the fact that our lives do not have a major event anymore, so launching a product that sounds fun and fun, just becomes an event. But to return to iPhone, it certainly fits into a class of cool gadgets. Only there will be many who want one. Apple has a reputation for introducing new products and they seem to have revised again.

For Apple, it helps them to succeed with iPod and iTunes. The company that had previously been known by very few, mainly by people who worked in print, graphic design and filmmaking, became public companies. And for those markets who believe that cheap is a winner, this company has tried to make it wrong. Apple products have always come on a premium. And people have paid.

Next to the marketing of jargon that strikes me most about iPhone is the fact that eventually there is some technology development in mobile development. It has been a long time to come. Indeed, I have been wondering for many years what a delay has been. The starting material has shown little progress. Certainly the device has been smaller, the software running has more options. But the promise of this gadget has not been met until now.

I can only imagine that what has reduced the development of the mobile phone has been a fear of competition that has enabled mobile operators and telecommunications service providers to keep their cards close to their chest in this way and not allow innovative developments from external inventors.

The mobile phone has one great advantage. People are ready to carry them around with them anytime and wherever they go and they do not like to turn them off. And that's its major specialties. We are not seen anything about what this means to marketers, teachers, entertainers, etc. And of course for more scary things like big brotherhood watching people and snooping into their lives.

iPhone using its multi-purpose is to break through that barrier. There is some difference that Apple has a long history of encouraging external developers to produce new daughters for their computers. Sending Safari, Apple surfing the Windows market was a step in that direction. IPhone runs on Safari. Let us see what new things developers will encounter for this gadget. It's bound to have fun as part of its purpose, but making life easier will certainly be there too.


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