Happiness or homework – Get organized for both!

If you're like most women with a family, are you still at work on your "free" time. Time off is not for rest or play, but to shorten the steep peak that never ends. Housing layout is necessary, but remember as Gretchen Rubin of the happiness project says: "Days are long but the years are short!"

How do we learn a bit of balance in keeping our mental health while you have a reasonably clean and organized home?


Many working women, including "living at home" moms, do even more than their fair share in work. Think about this: If someone had to pay for the maintenance project in the family, the average will decrease to $ 100,000 a year!

Want to see your time? Get some paper and divide the page into three columns. In the first column, list all weekly home projects. The next column is the approximate amount of time it takes per week. In the third column, who is doing it. Get up now and get a shipment!

Even young children can put clothes away, notice and help with simple tasks. My six year old granddaughter can run the vacuum with high traffic areas. Promoting your children on a positive road from a young age saves you countless hours by saying later! My mother was always reluctant to do homework on her day off. I do not teach her, but it did not help me to encourage me a lot!

Get organized with 4 leaflets

Life coach and writer Martha Beck created a priority device called The 4 B & B: Bag It, Barter It, Better and Batch It.

Bag means finish it! If you die once a week can you order it twice a month? Drop what you can. People who truly love you do not care about a little dust on your final table.

Barter It means a trade, including with money, to have someone else do it. Women often say they can not afford to clean a man but regularly spend it on a casual dinner. Feel guilty of paying someone to do your "work"? Think of it as priceless investment and spend valuable time back to you and your family!

Better it means adding something that is pleasing to something terrible. Hate to make dishes? Better by making a playlist that grinds your energy! Make it a game and count the layers needed to drain the sink. "Better It" for Your Kids and Google "Games To Get Your Kids To Do Chores!"

Batch It means doing similar tasks at a time. Choose one hour for the family "just do it" time. Release the electronics and did nothing else at that time . Make it fun and set up awards for everyone, including you. Awards are a powerful motive and do not have to be complex or expensive.

Organizing Boots

Break big jobs in small steps and start with the smallest. Give permission to stop completing the first step . To tell us that we only need to take one childhood relief relieves mental stress, and we might end up inspired to continue!

Little things add up. Stash natural cleaning wipe the bathroom and wipe the surface several times a week after your habit is accessible. You're already there and it takes 60 seconds to wipe out the sink. When you go through a room, pick up a few things. (See next.)

Get used to putting things in one place, even if it's just in piles. Give special fields for papers, mail, dirty clothes, coats and shoes. Even a small part of the organization saves a lot of time looking for lost things, reduces clutter and makes cleaning more efficient; Sorting a single pile is easier than finding it all over the day of cleaning.

Well done is half done. (Mary Poppins was right!) Choose one and just start! It's never like a painful task we think and it's usually done before we know it. Find the balance, make it fun, do it and go on to live your life!


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