How to be happy every day – 4 keys to open your happiness

You start every day by making a decision to be happy. You may have every reason to be sad or disappointed but you can choose what you want to emphasize and what thoughts you will think. You can start the day by writing down all the people and what you are grateful for. What if you have someone you do not like or at work that brings you down? Explain why you are grateful to the person you are in conflict with. Emphasize your resentment towards the individual and express your gratitude for them. You can always find something to thank you for another person. If at the moment do not think again when you did. It's good at all and it's bad but you have a choice of what you'll look and think about. You are always responsible for what you think. And that's the thought that develops your world.

Practice smiling and laughing. When I have my grandson he is 2 years old we'll just laugh at laughing. Big stomach laughs, open mouths, make funny noise and laugh high and we laugh at more difficult because our laugh is so funny. You can also listen a lot to you. Watch funny shows, movies, read jokes, watch funny videos on the internet. In August 2000, my youngest child died 16 years old (daughter), she had liver cancer. I was very sad and sacrificed daily for a year. But I also chose to make me laugh so I could cure and feel happiness in my life. I have happiness in my life every day from tragedy and sadness.

Go to places that make you happy. Perhaps it is the beach or the mountain or the municipal park. Wherever a place is, it is often as often as possible. Enjoy your environment and find those happy emotions. It's this experience that will show more happiness for you as you make yourself feel good and often.

Take the time to think about what you want in your life and allow you to indulge in what you want. You can have what you want if you would imagine it often. What do you want to make yourself happy? Look at each area of ​​your life and decide what you want. Do not focus on what you have or do not have because reality changes all the time. Now you have to choose what your reality is going to be. Choose to be happy everyday and you will.


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