Learning to live with positive motivation

In life, people are generally encouraged in two different ways. One is through positive incentives, but the other is through negative inspiration. Later, people encourage people to do things because they think they have no other choice. They are afraid of the consequences of not working. For example, if a train is coming to you, man brings. This is good because you are responding and getting along. Problems start to occur when negativity is used to do something that is used against individuals or people. This is harmful to the work environment or regular circumstances because it may cause retaliation, poor self-esteem, poor moral and turnover. Negative motivation will not create a positive environment in the long run.

However, creating a positive motivation environment that people want to be in. It has then made something happy, reward, value and feelings of acceptance. These are all the feelings people desires. Most of the time people are willing to work for less money, work longer hours, work under tougher conditions because they feel happy and appreciate. It works completely opposite from its negative counterpart, where customers are held and ethical is great. It also means when employees are satisfied, customers or customers are satisfied.

There are very rare times where negative motivation is necessary, such as a train that comes to you or jaw measurement. Most of the time, it creates a bad effect, but positive motivation will make the perfect opposite. You give because you feel like the feeling. We smile because we use life. Therefore, people should work to be positive during the day as they shut down negative emotions and feelings. It means avoiding stressful situations. Positive motivation and living with this attitude will change your life.


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