Never Miss Motivation Again!

Imagine working on your new project, whether it's for work, school or university, it's a task that needs to be done as before. After having gone many times since the last moment, you commit yourself so that you will not delay and start the project immediately! You put all the preparation keys on your table; your sturdy pen, shining lamp, extra paper screws and of course your brain. Now wait your fingers because it's time to start this kid!

Oh no! You forgot your red pen! Better go catch it for this perfect meeting project mayhem! Okay, you got it, but for some reason your chair feels much more uncomfortable than last time, so you bend your buttocks till and fro until it's just home. Now you're ready to start … but you're just a stomach, "feed me". Should you eat or eat them? You eat because it is much more enjoyable than an empty paper. While you're eating, spot your favorite TV episode so you sit down and say to yourself "Only in 5 minutes, I'll get back." One hour later you still say it to yourself only until you notice it is close to 1am. Quickly, without hesitation, run on your work desk to make sure your papers are still left. You start freaking out and worrying. But that's not right? "I will only understand it until tomorrow, I have plenty of time." We all know what happens after that.

Why, why did I ever do this task in the first place? Well, that's because you linked too much pain to your work & # 39; and it causes you to feel sorry for the pain like; food, entertainment and being "disturbed". Who likes to have pain? No!

I have to admit I once was like this and I'm sure 90% of people are like this to some extent. They will never do things they do not want to do. Is there even a solution to this? Yes! And I'll share this with you now.

There are two motivations in life; pain or pleasure. Unfortunately, although I'm a guy for "positive thinking," pain is really more enthusiastic than pleasure. If you think about it, people usually get very good when they lose everything and hit the bottom line. Yes, I add these typical "rags to riches" stories. They want to get out of pain so they do something, try something, lose anything and anything to get out of the situation. We can now use this to take advantage of us!

Instead of connecting pain to work. Look at your final release when you complete this task and never stop reminding you of this opportunity. Revenues are always positive? Put it in context and ask yourself what would happen if you did not do a project. Pain right? Exactly. I have been doing this for many years and it has never been received.

1. Look at a nice outlet.

2. What would happen if you complete this task? Who would suffer? What would happen to you? Why?

Simple but still very effective. Good luck.


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