Now you can achieve anything without motivation

What if all these self-motivated motivational books were not really needed and you could achieve everything you desire with absolutely no motivation in life? How would it feel you? It would really be inspiring, evolving and allowing all of us to get where we want to go to life without having 21 million motivational books to get there. This is all possible and deviously simple and there are only 3 criteria that you must meet:

1) You are not expensive.

2) You have a logical object in your brain.

3) You must have something you want and want.

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The key to this system of setting and achieving your goals is not that you need to be encouraged to reach a goal. As seriously, who is encouraged to go to the gym naturally !? probably about 1% of the population. The key is that you must logically know that you want to achieve the goal (it's something you really want in life, and if your job was not hard you should always work).

So how do we do this? We do it by establishing habits. A routine is a small easy task that can be repeated over and over again to achieve something big. Like writing 1000 words can be used, if you perform this routine over 100 times, you can write 100,000 dictionary with minimal effort. The key is not thinking about the future but just thinking about now, just concentrate on the 1000 words today and get them, do not even think about the final product, focus on it now and the rest will take care of themselves.

The first step is to assist exactly what your big task / goal requires, allowing you to take the first example of writing a book. Writing a book from start to finish requires a little planning and about 100,000 words to write (of course there are other steps, but these steps like finding an publisher are generally things you want to do, not what you should do). Now we take the tasks and break them into blocks of 1 hour that are easy to complete and very simple. The first week you can spend every day, just organize the book. Every day for one hour, you need to sit down and write a skeleton for chapter or two, finally you have the basic explanation of the book. Next to the writing, simply take all the words you need to write, divide them into chunks that you can easily complete in an hour (I aim for 30 minutes because it often takes longer than expected) and do it .

So now you have your lumps that you need to accomplish, simply do them, work out the same time and work in the same place every day and get a little bit of lump for that day. If you have more time and feel like working, you can continue to do more than expected but at least get the minimum done. Now often (especially after the first week or so) you will feel completely emotionally discharged and feel you have no incentive to continue working. Therefore, you need to turn off your emotional answers and simply go to autocracy, just ignore your feelings, screaming out and do the same what you will be so grateful that you did at the end. About roughly 30-day goal, if you continue with these practices, you'll realize that you're starting to feel good if you do not do your task for the day. This is the place where the habit is broken and all the time down to get whatever you want.

The biggest key to remember is to do it where you are sick, tired, depressed whatever, just do it. No matter how you feel or how the weather is (never perfect) just do it.

It can take you many years to reach your goal, but if you follow this pattern and never give up, you get it. Say you want to lose 50 pounds, in itself it's a big goal that seems to make great changes to achieve, but honestly in the real world does not. The main reason why it takes so long is simply that those who try it do not have a common routine, they may have 3 times a week for 3 weeks and then surrender and not go to the gym again for 2 months and eliminate it all work they did. Simply put in the gym every day for an hour, no matter how you feel, where tired, headache, get ready for just 30 minutes. If you do, you do not even need to keep track of your weight, just make sure that if you are going for 30 minutes each day, you can do more and more exercise each time (as you get an installation).

This also works very well, even doing something that is not immediately measurable like learning how to be better with women. In this case, you do not have to get certain words or calories a day, but simply insert time. Being naturally good with women can be like deception and it's so far away, but all that's needed is to go out and talk to women for a moment each day and at no time you'll discover you're now much better with women and being in social situations in general than before. Even if your enthusiasm dies completely and you're not usually forced to go out (though logical you'd rather be better for women I hope), just do it and go out for a little every day (or just Friday / Saturday night) and approach at least 5 different groups of women (do not go out and stand in the corner all night or you will not get anything). When you do it a little everyday It's impossible to get there and the only way you can probably fail is if you give up. It can take you 2 years, 4 years or even 10 years to reach the level you want to be where you are welcome in social situations, but know the more you put in the more you get out and by only have these little practices go 100x better than ordinary guys sit around to play PS2 one on Friday and Saturday night.

So, do it now, figure out at least one thing you want to get into your life, break it down and start working on those lumps day by day, no matter if it takes you 5 years if you do Do not probably take 25 years, or you can never do it. Just turn the project down to a small part and start going through them, gradually and gradually, and you will have finished your product and it seems far too easy.


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