Revive 8 qualities of your happiness

1. Unconditional love This is a font of happiness, renewable and eternal. We often think that being loved is the best feeling in the world, but it is next best. The best is to love someone else. Love is the polarization against fear, emotion and neurology. Thus, it's an antibody to fear and the first step towards real bliss.

2. Suspicious optimism. Genuine optimism provides power over painful events. Optimism is the understanding of the more painful event, the deeper the lesson. Once you get this knowledge into your heart, you can never again see any event, but bad. Optimism gives you authority over fear of the future and over the regret of the long death of the past.

3. Sizzling courage. This is your fiercest weapon to overcome the danger-second power of fear. You can not stand over fear without courage, because fear is connected to your nervous circuit. If fear is eternally programmed in the brain, it is also courage. It comes from neocortex and is a product of spirit, intelligence and greater emotion of love and generosity. It is the natural balance of nature for fear that has helped us survive. It's quality that allows us to overcome.

4. Unambiguous freedom. Nothing increases the soul like freedom. An important choice and choice is what makes us human. When we choose, we define who we are. Everyone has the power to make decisions, but unhappy people do not know they have it. They think it's only too rich. It is not. I have introduced thousands of rich people who did not look. There is a choice for anyone who loses the strength to take advantage of it.

5. Powerful impetus. Blessed people participate in their own destiny and shape their own happiness. They do not wait for events or other people to make them happy. They are not giving victims.

6. Solid Security. Blissful people know that nothing, over time, lasts – no money, not consent, not even life itself. Thus, they do not recommend security with a calendar or calculator. They simply like who they are. They are not slaves of popularity, longevity or financial condition. They know that security is an internal job.

7. Powerful health. Happiness and health are mutual. It's hard to be happy if you do not feel healthy and it's hard to be healthy if you're not happy. Special emphasis is placed on happiness in a healthy mood. You can have a happy life and do not even know it if you are tortured by faulty mood chemistry. The imbalance of neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, for example, can mask the happiness of bubbles.

8. Soaring Spirituality. Congratulations on the people are not afraid to go beyond the limits of their own lives. They let go and welcome unusual experiences. They clearly have less fear of death. They are not worried about dying – they are worried about not living.


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