Ten tips to help you in your quest for happiness

I was amazed to learn recently that the most popular course at universities today is a psychology department for happiness. Martin Seligman is an expert in positive psychology who has written the book Authentic Happiness. He says happiness is greater than Thomas Jefferson rather than something we can acquire. Here are some tips to help you in your quest for happiness.

1. Happiness is a choice – You can take a positive or negative approach to a case. Do you think what's good about something or focuses on what's bad about it?

2. Be grateful – Find what you are grateful for and concentrate on them.

3. Avoid Negative Self-esteem – Watch what you say to yourself. Do you ever say that you always screw things, you will never be anything or you are bad at ______? Change your language. Be good to yourself and forgive. Avoid using the words "always" or "never" because they have durability for those who tell you nothing can be done about it.

4. Enjoy Relationships With Others – People who have friends and community to support them feel happier. If necessary, build your community.

5. Know Your Life Purpose and Your Values ​​ – Find ways to use your purpose and value in your work and life. Once you know your purpose, you know the work you were meant to do. When you define the most important thing for you in life you know your values. Using your purpose and value indicates your life and work. Making meaningful work makes you happier.

6. Find the cause or interest that engages and encourages you – When you're excited and involved in what you're doing, it can be a passion. Use that passion at your work or volunteers.

7. Find your own balance in working life – Be sure to balance this every day. If you have a day or two where the balance is off, refer to # 3 and forgive yourself.

8. Avoid the state of perfection – Perfectionists put themselves up to be disappointed. This disappointment leads to a negative self-talk. Try to do your best work and forgive yourself if it is not perfect. Remember, mistakes make you human.

9. Do not Take You Too Strongly – Look forward to seeing the humor of your humanity.

10. Take 30 minutes a day for a quiet thought – Remember time and place when you were very happy and spend time on it. Use this time to calm meditation too. Today life is busy and devastating. Allow you to slow down. Thank you.


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