The secret to happiness, health and riches

Half a year ago my life was not what I wish it to be. I was dissatisfied. I was making stupid decisions and working on stimulus rather than logic. I had trouble several times, and it continued to make me dissatisfied. Things deteriorated gradually and worse. Soon, the lack of happiness leads to anger, which leads to depression. I had to go out of this way. I constantly looked for a way to make me happier, and I constantly looked for something to help me in my trouble. For a long time, nothing changed. I was still dissatisfied. Luckily, right at the moment, I was going to cut out on every last part of my hair, the cycle rang.

Family friends went what I had not seen at age. As we remember and I told her about recent events that took place in my life, she told me she had an answer. She went to her car and returned with a book. The coat was tattered and the spine was a little torn, but it was still intact. "Read this," she said. "It will change your life." I asked her what she was about and she simply said: "Just read it." After she left, I sat down and opened the book. It was called The Secret, and I'll tell you now, it changed my life.

When I started reading, I soon learned everything I needed to know about how exactly my browsing life is and this article will only be a short summary.

I tell you you wonder, "What's the secret?" I'll tell you that.

In a nutshell, the universe works for you. Everything you might want or need, you can have. All you have to do is train your mind, which sounds a bit hard, but it's not really. The secret revolves around the law of attraction, which means "like attraction like." Basically, everything in your life, good or bad, reduces you in your life. Do you want to know how? Your thoughts. Every thought you have has a frequency; some bigger than others. We can literally appreciate thought. If you keep thinking about what you want, you'll send this frequency continuously. Every thought you've sent out to the universe. The universe works on your thoughts. If you think negative, negative things will be taken into your life and vice versa. The secret gives you everything you could ever want: happiness, health and wealth.

There are three important steps about how to use the secret correctly.

Step One: Ask. You must ask the universe for what you want. Just ask for it. Sometimes you get it. Every time. Guaranteed. There are no limits. Nothing is too big or too small. Literally everything you want or ask for you will get, because of the Law of Attraction. Anyway, the universe will work out your thoughts to give you what you want. Time period.

Step Two: Believe. You must believe that you will receive what you have requested. You must truly know in your mind that what you asked for is on your way to you. If you see it in your mind, you must know, soon enough, you will see it in your hands. Use this step by remembering three simple words: Thoughts. Happen. Things. Ask about two hundred dollars and believe you'll, at a certain time, get two hundred dollars. It's so simple.

Step three: Get. Be prepared to get what you want. Expect what you have asked to be in your hands shortly. Prepare for what you have requested. If you want two hundred bucks, be sure to check yourself for two hundred bucks. Act as you already have two hundred bucks in your hands and you will have two hundred bucks in your hand.

Positive thoughts have a much higher frequency than negative thoughts because positive thoughts fill you with joy. Joy is another important factor in actually applying the secrecy. Be good all the time. In case of a negative situation, turn it into a positive situation and the future situation you will encounter, if you use the secret correctly, it will also be positive. Again, like contracts like.

The secret applies not only to money but also to relationships, health and other things. The secret literally applies to everything you could ever want or need. All you have to do is ask! It's so easy!

The first time I knew the secret that worked for me, I sat on my bed in my reading room. Out of no where, I heard a very annoying band. I searched a room until I discovered a mosquito flying through the air. I was worried about biting me and thinking to myself, "This is a perfect opportunity to see if this works." I began to think in my head: "I never get a bit of mosquitoes. It's very weird. I never get a little reason." As I left, I continued to read as a mosquito continued to boil. Just when I completely forgot the fly, I stopped buzzing constantly. As I looked up, a mosquito had flown directly into the spider web! My jaw dropped. The next thing I thought was, "it works!"

I've used the secret from the day I read the first sections and my life has changed completely. My cups are great. I have not been in trouble there before I read Secret. Serious! My relationship with my friends is amazing and my relationship with my parents is better than ever before. All I've Needed or Wanted, I've Got Someone or Another Way. It is very amazing how easily things can change simply by thinking positively.

I urge you to read The Secret of Rhonda Byrne. If you need guidance or help in some aspects of your life, you have my words that will help you with the happier, healthy lifestyle you want. It helped me. Why not everyone else?


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