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Top 10 Businesses Congratulations Customers

Customer satisfaction has increased in recent months. With companies growing their efforts to keep their customers happy and providing better services, it seems that the buyer is reaping the benefits.

The Service Services Authority monitors successful UK companies twice a year, saying the service sector has been outstanding in the last half of the year. In particular, supermarkets have great customer satisfaction. Retail, tourism and automotive industry followed.

But service companies and public utilities did not go well despite the fact that they have seen prominent improvements and reduced the gap in better areas. However, by reducing spending, there is a fear that quality, responsiveness and accessibility of public services will fall.

What were the best performers in terms of customer satisfaction and how can other companies learn from them?

The Top Performers (Score of 100)
1. John Lewis (89)
2. Waitrose (89)
3. BUPA (88)
4. Marks & Spencer) [87]
] 5. Lloyds Pharmacy (86)
6. Marriott (86)
7. SAGA Holidays (85)
9. Boots (84)
10. P & O Cruises (84)

The data were collected through online survey and about 26,000 adults participated in the survey. They were asked to evaluate a business on 10 factors:

1. Overall Quality of Product or Service
2. Handling as Valuable Customer
3. Speed ​​of Service
4. Employee Work
5. Handling Problems and Complaints
9. Vocational Education
] 10. Employee Utility

These are thought to be key issues that affect how satisfied customers are with a particular company. The list shows that there are many issues that every company must watch to keep customers, but one is not necessarily more important than anyone else.

Customer service covering all of these factors is bound to be successful. It's a small point to sell an amazing product if your website makes it difficult and annoying for customers to complete the purchase. But it's also no need to have a helpful, friendly employee if they are slow to provide assistance.

Companies in the top 10 are best able to balance all these factors and make use of each element in their customer service. Look at the list and choose one or two that you can focus on immediately and then perform deeper training and development for your staff to work on the other.


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